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Bernard Elliott 1987
Occupation: Hotel Inspector

A well-renowned hotel inspector, Bernard Elliott came to Erinsborough as part of a travel agentsí convention staying at Lassiterís. His recommendation of the hotel was something that Paul Robinson badly needed to improve business. Unfortunately, on the eve of the convention, the entire hotel staff walked out in protest at the sacking of Mrs Mangel. Paul was forced to ask his grandmother, Helen, to play chauffeur and collect Elliott from the airport, giving him an extended tour of Erinsborough while the situation was rectified. Paul was forced to use his neighbours from Ramsay Street as receptionists, waiters and kitchen staff, while Elliott was also eager to see the hotelís famous chef, Dean Bartholomew, in action. Paul told Des that he would have to pretend to be Dean, and Madge told him exactly what to say when their visitor arrived.

Unfortunately, just as Paul and Gail were about to accompany Mr Elliott into the kitchen, he explained that he and Dean were old friends, and were looking forward to catching up. Paul quickly made an excuse to leave, while Gail detoured Elliott to the hotelís gardens. Paul managed to explain the situation to Des just in time, as Gail brought Elliott in and Paul told him that Dean had been suddenly called away. However, it was only a matter of time before Dean and Bernard met, so Gail offered to take him for a night out at the local hotspots. Fortunately, the following morning, Dean had found out the truth behind Nellís sacking Ė she had spoken to a journalist about Paulís private life. So, when he and Elliott finally met, the entire problem had been solved, and, a few weeks later, the hotel received a glowing report and the promise of plenty more business.

Biography by Steve



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