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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Pete Baxter Tony Briggs

Pete Baxter 1988
Occupation: Athlete, Bank Teller

When Pete Baxter came to work at the Pacific Bank with Des Clarke, it was revealed that he was a fantastic athlete, and had a chance of going to the 1988 Seoul Olympics. When the local people found out that Pete couldn’t afford to support himself at the Institute of Sport, they decided to hold a scavenger hunt, in order to raise the money needed, and Des managed to get Pete the time off work so that he could attend.

Pete was thrilled to be accepted into the Institute of Sport in Canberra, and Scott Robinson joined him to write a report for the Erinsborough News, while Mike Young also went, to act as official photographer. While they were there, Pete began to have problems as he pushed himself too hard at the running, but he kept this problem to himself. Mike and Scott noticed, however, and mentioned it to Pete’s chaperone, Rachel Frazer, who decided that it was in Pete’s best interests to report this to the doctors. Pete was furious with Rachel for going behind his back, but realised that without some attention, his injury could become a permanent problem.

Some weeks later, Mike received a call to say that Pete had disappeared from the Institute. When Pete eventually showed up at the Coffee Shop, he explained that he simply walked out, without explaining why. Mike then decided to contact Rachel to find out the truth and confronted Pete, who explained that he had to leave when he badly injured his leg after ignoring the advice of the doctors. Des managed to get Pete his old job at the bank back, while Scott encouraged him not to give up on his dream and to try to aim for the Commonwealth Games or the next Olympics. Pete told him to mind his own business, and was furious when Todd Landers asked him to help with the sports training at the High School. After thinking it over, Pete realised how stupid he was being, and agreed to help out at the school, before thinking about resuming his training.

Biography by Steve



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