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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Rachel Frazer Pamela Hawksford

Rachel Frazer 1988
Occupation: Basketball Player

When Pete Baxter was awarded a place at the National Institute of Sport in Canberra, he took along his friends Scott Robinson and Mike Young. Scott intended to write a piece for the Erinsborough News about the training of the athletes, while Mike went along to act as photographer. Mike had recently broken up with his on-off girlfriend, Jane Harris, and decided that he needed some time away. He was pleased when Pete’s mentor at the institute turned out to be beautiful basketball player Rachel Frazer.

Rachel seemed quite interested in Mike, but she was also very passionate about her sport. Although she and Mike went on a couple of dates, she made it clear that it was nothing serious. When Pete began to have problems with his training and injured himself whilst out on the running track one day, he tried to convince Mike and Scott that he would be fine, and told them not to say anything. Therefore, when he was called up to see a doctor about his injury, he was furious with his friends. However, Rachel was forced to intervene in an argument and she told Pete that she’d been the one who had informed the trainers of his injuries. Rachel and Mike kept in touch, as she later helped him out with information when Pete’s injury forced him out of the institute.

Biography by Steve



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