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Guest Character Profiles > Moina Beresford Esme Melville

Moina Beresford 1994
Marital Status: Seamus Beresford
Children: Pamela

The mother of Ramsay Street resident Pam Willis, Moina Beresford was widowed when husband Seamus died of a heart attack. She remained active, however, and arrived in Erinsborough for the naming day of her first great-grandson, Zac, born to Pams daughter, Gaby. The event was largely a success, despite constant jibes between Moina and her son-in-law, Doug Willis, about him eating fatty foods, since that was what had led to her husband dying. The event then turned out to be a doubly happy occasion, as Moina learnt that she was about to become a great-grandmother for a second time, as Beth, the wife of Pams son, Brad, announced that she was expecting. A couple of days later, after plenty more bickering between Moina and Doug - particularly on the subject of potatoes, as, despite all of the evidence that pointed to a heart attack, she was convinced that her Seamus had actually died after eating a green potato - Moina and Beth left Erinsborough to travel home together.

Trivia Notes
Esme Melville previously played Mrs York in 1986 and Jean Halliday in 1993 and returned in 2002 in the recurring role of Rose Belker
Click here to read our interview with Esme, and here to read our tribute to her

Episodes Featured
2225, 2227

Biography by Steve



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