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Nick Burman 1985
Occupation: Airline Pilot

An old schoolfriend of Jim Robinson and Max Ramsay, the three troublemakers became known as the ‘terrible trio’ during their school days. During the years that followed, Nick became infatuated with Maria Rossi, and was devastated when she agreed to marry Max. He decided that the best course of action would be to follow his career as a pilot and get out of town as quickly as possible.

When he returned to town some years later, he went to visit Jim and his family. As Max and Maria had just separated, Jim tried to keep this information to himself, but Nick learnt the truth from motormouth Julie and went to visit Maria. As soon as Maria saw him, she broke down in tears and a horrified Shane caught them hugging. Nick then went to see Max, and caused further chaos when he told Max of his feelings for Maria while in Max’s van. The resulting accident led to Max losing his driving licence.

Nick spent several weeks in Erinsborough, desperate to win Maria’s heart in any way possible. Meanwhile, he also convinced Paul Robinson, disillusioned with his university engineering course, to think about training as an air steward. Having turned several lives upside-down, Nick announced that he would be leaving to fly to Hawaii. He asked Maria to join him, at least for a holiday, but her feelings for Max were still as strong as ever. And so, on his way to the airport, Nick called in at Max’s bedsit and warned him not to throw away his marriage to Maria.

Biography by Steve



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