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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Cassie Campbell Margaret Umbers

Cassie Campbell 1986
Occupation: Nude Model

When Scott Robinson and Mike Young attended a school swim meet in Manly, they were joined soon after by Scott’s girlfriend, Charlene Mitchell, and the three of them hoped to have some fun away from the adults in Ramsay Street. However, on their first day on the beach, they met Cassie Campbell, a surfer who found herself in trouble in the water. Mike managed to save her and invited her back to his and Scott’s hotel room, where they ended up sleeping together. Mike was amazed to hear that Cassie was a model, but was happy to have someone new in his life after suffering relationship problems with Nikki Dennison before leaving Erinsborough. However, a trip to her apartment quickly led to their first argument when he found out that she was actually a nude model. Although Cassie refused to apologise, she made Mike see that it was just a job and he agreed that he would try to live with it.

The various distractions from their girlfriends led to Mike and Scott missing practice and being thrown off the swim team, so they were forced to go and stay with Cassie. Relishing their new freedom, Scott, Mike and Charlene decided that they were going to stay in Sydney and find themselves some jobs. With little luck, Cassie suggested that Charlene speak to her photographer Roger Yates about some modelling work. Little realising that it was nude, Charlene was thrilled at the opportunity, but was horrified when she was left alone with Roger and found out what he expected. A furious Scott and Charlene took their anger out on Cassie and Mike, walking out of her apartment and spending the night sleeping rough before realising that they’d have to go home. Meanwhile, Mike opted to stay with Cassie but the next morning, he realised that he could never completely trust Cassie and needed to go home and complete his schooling. So Mike said goodbye to Cassie and caught up with Scott and Charlene, before the three of them caught the bus home.

Biography by Steve



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