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Character Profiles > Nikki Dennison Charlene Fenn

Nicole 'Nikki' Dennison 1986
Lived: 26 Ramsay Street
Parents: Tom and Laura
Family Tree: Dennison
Occupation: Student

Nikki Dennison was raised single-handedly by her mother Laura in the country town of Charleville in Queensland. Nikki’s father Tom had died when she was young, and as a result, Nikki grew up getting everything she wanted from her mum to compensate for the loss of her father. But by the time Nikki reached her teenage years, Laura was finding it hard to deal with her increasingly spoilt and at times cunning daughter and shipped her off to Erinsborough for a while to stay with her aunt Helen Daniels (Laura’s sister) and uncle Jim Robinson.

Nikki settled into Erinsborough life rather well, becoming good friends with Charlene Mitchell next door, who was also dating Nikki’s cousin Scott. And she soon found herself a boyfriend in the form of Mike Young, who impressed her by leaping to her defence after Sue Parker spread malicious rumours about Nikki around town. Nikki and Mike’s relationship was a tempestuous one, however, and suffered various ups and downs, including the time Mike went away to Manly for the holidays and was tempted to stray.

When Lucy Robinson won a dinner date with Iron Man Grant Kenny in a TV competition, Nikki demonstrated her calculating ways extended even to her 11 year old cousin. Lucy’s delight at winning the competition was soured when Nikki insisted there was no way that Jim would let her go on the date, never mind how Grant himself would react at the prospect of dinner with a kid. Nikki persuaded Lucy that what she really needed was someone to go in her place - and Lucy quickly realised that Nikki was thinking of herself all along. But after Nikki agreed to give Lucy her week’s pocket money, Lucy agreed to let Nikki attend the dinner as ‘Lucy Robinson’. Nikki opted not to tell Helen or Jim about her plans, and instead, told them she was spending the evening studying at a friends.

The dinner itself was a bit of a dud, with Grant leaving moments after the main course was served. Nikki had somehow expected there to be a lot more romance involved, forgetting along the way that she already had a boyfriend in the form of Mike. The next day at school, Nikki bragged to Sue Parker about what a great night she had had and even made out that Grant was going to call her for a second date later in the week. But Nikki found herself in hot water with the Robinsons when a photo of herself and Grant appeared in the Erinsborough News and her lying was exposed. Mike, too, was disappointed in Nikki and he threatened to finish with her once and for all.

But when word reached Nikki that Laura had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, she dropped everything and left Erinsborough to be with her mum. Nikki and Mike had never officially broken up, however, and when Nikki returned to Erinsborough a few months later, she was fully expecting to pick up where they had left off. But Mike had since started seeing Jane Harris, and Nikki was furious. She quickly made it clear to Jane that she wanted Mike back, but Mike intervened and told Nikki he was no loner interested in a relationship. Soon afterwards, Nikki decided to leave Erinsborough permanently and devote her time to caring for Laura in America, where she was visiting family and receiving treatment.

177-289, 354-390

Biography by Mark