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Senior Sergeant Belinda Caskey 2009-
Occupation: Police Senior Sergeant

When disaster struck Erinsborough High's year 11 end-of-year rafting excursion, teacher Libby Kennedy and students Bridget Parker and Zeke Kinski were left missing. Though Libby and Bridget were quickly found, Zeke's family and friends were distraught as he remained missing. His stepparents Susan and Karl visited the search site, where Senior Sergeant Belinda Caskey was leading, and Karl was upset as the search started to be scaled down, though Sergeant Caskey explained that it was getting dark and things would resume in the morning. But, moments later, the police found a lifejacket and after checking its number, they realised that it was the one Zeke had been wearing. A couple of days later, more bad news followed when Sergeant Caskey told Karl that Zeke's helmet had also been found, badly damaged, and, if he'd been wearing it during the impact, it's unlikely he'd have survived. As the stress brought on symptoms of Susan's MS and she was hospitalised, Sergeant Caskey visited the troubled family again with some new developments - Zeke's bank card had been used twice in the last 24 hours, and the police had to entertain the possibility that the boy was still alive and was deliberately avoiding being found.

Some months later, Sergeant Caskey was on another case involving Zeke - who'd since been found suffering amnesia - when criminal Guy Sykes turned up, fresh out of prison and looking for money owed to him by Zeke's older sister, Katya. Though Katya had left town a couple of years earlier, Zeke was determined to stop Guy from tracking her down and offered to help the police snare him by agreeing to meet with him and take the money. After making arrangements, Sergeant Caskey accompanied another officer and Zeke to the oval, where Guy had arranged to meet him, but the plan came unstuck when Guy spotted journalist Elle Robinson and photographer Lucas Fitzgerald watching from the wings and raced off before the deal could take place. The following week, Toadie and Callum, who were also being targetted by Guy for the money after he saw Callum's photo in the paper alongside the article about the money found in the allotments, were acting oddly. When Toadie sent housemates Libby and Dan away, claiming young Callum was ill, they contacted the police. Sergeant Caskey searched 30 Ramsay Street, but with no sign of Guy, she had to leave. But the next day, further evidence indicated that Guy was holding Toadie and Callum hostage and the house was surrounded, with heroic Toadie wrestling Guy to the ground, allowing the police to arrest him.

Trivia Notes
Elise Dickinson previously appeared in 2004 as Nurse Brown and in 2007 as Jacqui Burns

Episodes Featured
5606, 5608, 5610, 5668, 5672

Biography by Steve