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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Doreen Cassidy Anne Phelan

Doreen 'Peace Dove' Cassidy 2004-2005
Siblings: Charlie

Charlie Cassidy's hippy sister Doreen lived on a commune just outside Byron Bay, where she went by the name of Peace Dove. She met up with her brother and his new wife, Valda Sheergold, while they were on their honeymoon. Upon their return to Australia, Valda was diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis and forced to remain in bed, so, Doreen agreed to accompany her sick brother to spend what looked like being his final Christmas, with his daughter, Lyn, in Erinsborough.

Doreen quickly hit it off with her new relatives, but was eager for Charlie to tell them about his state-of-health. Charlie's granddaughter, Steph, overheard them talking and it wasn't long before Lyn spotted Charlie in pain and realised what was happening. The three women were determined to do the best for him. While Steph and Doreen were realistic, wanting him to be happy and comfortable in his final weeks, Lyn wanted him in hospital where he might get some extra time. Charlie made it clear that he wasn't going to die in hospital and Doreen and Steph managed to sneak him out for one final trip to see his boat, Sheergold Scandal. The journey proved to be too strenuous though and soon Charlie was back in the hospital bed. In the end, though, he got his wish and went back to the Scully house, where his sister, daughter and granddaughter kept his condition in check.

As Christmas arrived, Charlie's health continued to fail. The Scullys managed to get his boat towed up to Ramsay Street and, after spending the afternoon aboard it, he passed away later that day. As Steph adjusted his pillows, Lyn walked in with Charlie's son, Michael. He jumped to a shocking conclusion and before long, Steph was at the centre of a murder enquiry. Doreen proved defiant when questioned, stating that, even if Steph had helped Charlie to die, she didn't see anything wrong with that.

As the court case approached, Doreen tried to appeal to Michael to let go of the guilt he felt about losing touch with Charlie. He continued to blame the Scullys for everything, however. When Steph was then left 70% of Charlie's money in his will, with Michael receiving only 10%, he grew even more determined to seek justice. The jury found Steph guilty, but she received a three-year suspended sentence. After a heart-to-heart with Lyn, Michael finally stopped blaming everyone else and managed to repair the damage he'd done before leaving town. With Valda having finally made it to Erinsborough to say goodbye to her husband, she and Doreen decided to leave all of the drama behind and head back to Shelley Bay, where Charlie had spent many happy years, and finish the work he'd started on his cottage there.

Notes: Anne Phelan originally appeared in 1997 playing Claudia Harvey.

Biography by Steve



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