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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Claudia Harvey Anne Phelan

Claudia Harvey 1997
Lived: 24 Ramsay Street

Claudia was a troubled woman, living in Launceston, Tasmania. She came to rely upon the friendship of a man named Ted, as the pair of them tried to rebuild their lives. However, when Ted suddenly disappeared, to take up a post with the Salvation Army in a suburb of Melbourne called Erinsborough, Claudia found it very difficult to cope without his support. They stayed in touch, and Claudia would phone and write to Ted, who had since learnt that his real identity was that of Harold Bishop. Harold was worried about Claudia having to cope on her own, and so, being the selfless man that he was, he invited her to stay. Of course, Claudia was used to having ‘Ted’ all to herself, so finding him now living with a wife was difficult for her to understand.

Claudia and Madge had many troubles living together, and Madge was angry that this woman was getting in the way of her getting to know Harold again. Claudia decided that she was simply not welcome in Madge’s home and so she left a note and went. However, Harold would not hear of this, and told her that she would always be welcome in his home. Claudia returned, but she had a great deal of difficulty adjusting to her new surroundings and managed to make Madge angry time and time again, particularly as she seemed to be deliberately causing trouble to get attention from 'Ted'. In the end, Madge was forced to explain to Harold that although she admired his desire to help this woman, they really needed some time alone at this important stage in their lives. And so, having made arrangements with his old friends in Tasmania, Harold sent Claudia back home.

Notes: Anne Phelan returned to the show in 2004 to play the guest role of Doreen Cassidy.

Biography by Steve



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