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Marie Chaplin 2006-2007
Occupation: Nurse at Erinsborough & District Hospital

When Max Hoyland ran over Cameron Robinson, believing that he was actually his twisted twin brother Robert, escaped from prison, Cam was rushed straight in to hospital and it wasn’t long before his father, Paul and sister, Elle arrived. With Cam being operated on, Paul was growing increasingly frustrated with the lack of news and shouted at nurse Marie Chaplin as she was leaving the operating theatre, only to be told that they were still doing everything they could and would have more news for him soon. Although Cameron survived the operation, he died a few days later from complications.

The following year, Nurse Chaplin was on hand to look after young Mickey Gannon when he was electrocuted by a faulty light in the swimming pool at 30 Ramsay Street. Though his condition seemed bad, Nurse Chaplin reported back to Mickey's guardian, Ned Parker, that the child was going to be fine and just needed some rest in hospital but later asked Ned to leave as only family were allowed on the ward after visiting hours. This prompted Ned to admit that he wasn't just a friend of the family but infact Mickey's dad, news that Mickey took very well.

Shortly afterwards, Mickey was at the centre of another drama, when he let off the handbrake on a removal van in Ramsay Street, and it rolled out in the path of a minivan carrying various residents back from the wedding of Rosie Cammeniti and Frazer Yeats. Most of the passengers were unharmed, but Frazer's younger brother, Ringo, was trapped under a seat, with Ned only just managing to get him out of the van before it exploded. At the hospital, Ringo was treated by Dr Peggy Newton, who, after reviving Ringo from a cardiac arrest with Nurse Chaplin's help, decided to put him into an induced coma in order to give his body a chance to recover from the trauma.

A few months later, another young Ramsay Street resident, Ned's niece, Bridget was involved in a hit-and-run accident and left for dead. After being found and rushed to hospital, Bridget was taken in for emergency surgery to relieve bleeding on her brain. As she remained in an unconscious state, she was tended to by Nurse Chaplin, who, whilst attempting to tuck the blankets in, was warned off by Bridget's mum, Miranda, who said that she hated them that way. Nurse Chaplin then offered to go and get a blanket to put over her instead. Some weeks later, Bridget had recovered and Susan Kinski, the woman who fell asleep at the wheel and ran her down, was in court when she passed out again. Fearing that her symptoms were more than just the menopause, her husband, former doctor Karl, took her to hospital for tests, where Nurse Chaplin kept the pair informed whilst they waited for the results.

Trivia Notes
• Sarah Oldmeadow, unusually, was recurring between 2006 and 2007 as two different characters. As well as Marie, she played another nurse, Erinne Sinclair

Biography by Steve