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Robert Robinson 2006, 2007
Lived: 22 Ramsay Street
Born: c. 1985/'86 (originally 1989)
Parents: Paul and Gail Robinson
Siblings: Amy, 'Elle' Lucinda, Cameron and Andrew
Family Tree: Robinson and Lewis
Occupation: Hospital Orderly at Erinsborough & District Hospital

One of the set of triplets born to Paul and Gail Robinson, Robert was always different to his identical twin, Cameron, and their sister, Lucinda. Although all of the kids felt resentment towards their father for being absent, Robert stewed for years over the situation, becoming increasingly withdrawn as he grew up. Although Gail made sure that all of her children were well-loved and cared for, Cameron and Lucinda, known as Elle, regularly ganged up on their brother, using his strange behaviour as an excuse to keep him away from their friendship circles, and even kept a journal about the strange things he did. When the triplets were 19, Elle went to live with Paul in Erinsborough and Robert’s resentment only grew, to the point where he hatched a plan to destroy his father, and everyone close to him. The first stage of his plan took place shortly after Elle moved away, as Paul and his girlfriend, Izzy Hoyland arranged a special flight from Lassiter’s hotel in Melbourne – which Paul owned – to another branch in Hobart, Tasmania. Robert planted a bomb on the plane, which exploded over Bass Strait. Although Paul, Izzy and Elle survived the incident, three of Paul’s neighbours – David, Liljana and Serena Bishop – were left dead.

A few months later, after apparently leaving to travel in Europe and stay with relatives in England, Robert arranged a car “accident” which left Cameron in a coma in a small country hospital. Robert then went to Erinsborough, claiming to be his nicer twin and, having read all of Cameron’s diaries, he soon managed to convince everyone, even Elle. It wasn’t long before Robert put his plan into action, as he found a photograph of Paul and Elle, with Izzy and Paul’s young protégé, Dylan Timmins - and made Dylan his first target. Elle and Dylan had been co-managing one of Paul’s businesses, so Robert broke in and planted bacteria in the food in the fridge, causing an outbreak of food poisoning. He then staged a robbery at the store, leaving Paul doubting whether Dylan could really be trusted. The final straw came when some self-assembly shelves were delivered to the store. Dylan, desperate to prove his worth, offered to put them together but, when his back was turned, Robert removed one of the screws, causing them to collapse on top of Elle later that day. Although she was uninjured, Paul immediately sacked Dylan and Robert cut his first victim from the photograph, though the circumstances left both Dylan and Izzy slightly suspicious of the seemingly perfect Robinson son.

Having removed Dylan from Paul’s life, Robert cut out his next victim – Izzy. She was desperate to prove to her brother, Max and his wife, Steph, that she was trustworthy enough to look after her new baby nephew, Charlie. When they finally agreed to leave the baby with her, Robert overheard the plans and saw another opportunity. As Izzy sat with Charlie on the couch, Robert snuck into the house and turned the gas on, causing Izzy to pass out. Although neighbour Lyn Scully saved the pair, Max and Steph were furious with the incident, which seemed to prove that they’d been right about Izzy all along. Unfortunately for Robert, it didn’t have the desired effect on Paul, as Izzy broke down and admitted that she was desperate to spend time with Charlie as she couldn’t have children of her own.

Continuing with his pretence of being Cameron, Robert managed to get a job as an orderly at Erinsborough Hospital, where he met nurse Katya Kinski. Putting aside his plans to destroy his father, he started seeing more of her but struggled since he had little experience with women. His family were confused about his behaviour, since Cameron had a reputation as something of a ladies’ man, so Robert took Katya to one side and explained to her that his reputation wasn’t really deserved, as he actually had very little experience. Katya admitted that she was in a similar position and the pair grew closer but, during a visit to his comatose brother, Robert explained that he hadn’t betted on falling in love and, since she was too much of a distraction, he would have to dispose of Katya. After taking her for a picnic at a secluded cliff top, he watched as she admired the view from the edge but, before he could push her, she slipped and was left clinging on to a branch. Robert was forced to make a snap decision and pulled her to safety, realising that perhaps he didn’t want her out of his life after all.

Back in Erinsborough, Robert quickly found a new way to hurt his father when businessman Sean Dempster arrived in Australia to complete a business deal. Paul’s plans to provide consultancy for Sean would make him extremely rich and Robert grew unsettled as Izzy started talking about all of the expensive holidays she’d be able to take. The final straw came when Katya recognised Sean and opened up to Robert about her mysterious past and the lengths that she’d had to go to after leaving home at 16. Whilst the family shared dinner at the Scarlet Bar, Robert “accidentally” spilt wine on his jeans and headed home to change. However, he actually paid Sean a visit at his office in the city and disposed of him for good. Later in the evening, Paul and Izzy were concerned that they’d heard nothing from Sean and, along with Robert, went along to his office, where Robert quickly mopped up a drop of blood on the desk, before suggesting that they should contact the police. With nobody too concerned about Sean’s sudden disappearance, since his business deals weren’t all entirely on the level, and Katya relieved to be rid of the reminder of her past, Robert sat back and turned his attentions back to Izzy.

Over several weeks, Robert had been flirting with Izzy, whilst mentioning to Elle that he thought their father’s girlfriend fancied him. His plan to discredit her finally came to fruition as he recorded several conversations with her on his MP3 player. He then used a computer programme to patch them together and make it sound like Izzy had called him and propositioned him. The plan worked perfectly, as Elle heard it and forced Robert to play it to Paul, who immediately threw Izzy out. As Izzy attempted to work out how she’d been set up, she warned Katya to be careful. As Katya started to question him, Robert realised that he was getting too close to confessing everything to her, and he ended their relationship.

Having disposed of both Dylan and Izzy, Robert’s next victim was to be Elle, and she would be going for good. When he heard that his sister was heading into the countryside to a vineyard, Robert planted a bomb in her car and said his goodbyes to her before heading off to the hospital to dispose of Cameron. However, once there, he found the bed empty. Cameron was hiding in the corner and, as soon as his brother walked in, he knocked him out, stole his clothes and left. But Cameron’s timing could not have been worse, as, back in Ramsay Street, Paul and Izzy had worked out who was behind all of the recent events and called Elle just in time for her to escape the bomb in her car. Cameron arrived just in time to be arrested, as he claimed that he was innocent and had been in a coma for the past two months at St Luke’s Hospice. Robert, meanwhile, awoke in the room at the hospice and quietly slipped into the bed formerly occupied by his brother, where Paul, Izzy and Elle tracked him down and were told that he’d been there, in a coma, for a couple of months.

As Gail got to hear about the terrible situations her two sons were in, she headed straight to Erinsborough. Robert was transferred to Erinsborough Hospital and, after a few days, he suddenly awoke from the coma. Elle remained unconvinced that it was really Robert in the coma, as Cameron would never have committed such evil deeds, but Gail pointed out a mole on his arm, that Cameron did not have, and Elle had little choice but to accept it. Robert was then allowed home and he moved into 22 Ramsay Street, where he convinced everyone that he’d been in the coma and still had a lot of resentment towards his dad. However, as he spotted the closeness between Paul and Gail, then witnessed them kissing, he issued a chilling threat to his mother, telling her that, if he found out she’d got back together with Paul, he’d have to do something about it. Only Katya was unsure that this was a different twin to the one she’d been in a relationship with. But her efforts to convince Paul and Gail fell on deaf ears. Robert then set about doing what he’d always intended – killing Paul – and suggested a father-son camping trip, so that they could get to know each other. Paul happily agreed and, before they set off, Robert hugged Gail, telling her that everything he’d ever done had been for her.

After bumping into Robert at the bar, Katya was alarmed as he went to help her up from the floor, suffering flashbacks to him helping her from the cliff edge, and she realised that Cameron was innocent, and the wrong twin was in jail. Again, she tried to convince Gail, who admitted that Robert’s behaviour prior to leaving for the trip had been very odd. Meanwhile, Robert took Paul to the campsite, where he’d already been the day before to set up his trap. He then drugged Paul’s water, causing him to pass out, and tied him up in an old mineshaft. Paul was alarmed as he came round, and Robert told him that he’d been responsible for everything – the bombs on the plane and in Elle’s car, Tony Corbett’s death and gassing Izzy. He showed Paul various photos, letters and mementos of his childhood and said that his poor parenting was to blame for the whole mess. Having tied a rope to a supporting beam in the mineshaft, he then tied the other end to the car and drove off, causing the roof to cave in on Paul. Robert headed back to the campsite, but was alarmed to find Gail, Elle and Izzy already there. He quickly tried to claim that Paul was off getting fire wood and that they were packing up to move sites, but, realising he’d been rumbled, he ran off into the bush. Paul was eventually found and pulled free, as Robert remained on the loose, and headed to Ramsay Street, with his sights set firmly on Katya…

As Robert, disguised as a taxi driver, kidnapped Katya, his family had decided on a plan to get him to show himself – a fake wedding between Paul and Gail. With police assistance, they planned the event at Lassiter’s, and Katya made sure that Robert saw the announcement in the Erinsborough News. When Robert then caught Katya trying to get help from a mechanic in a service station, he realised that she couldn’t be trusted, so he drugged her and tied her up in the back of the camper van, before heading to Lassiter’s. As she started to stir, Katya saw him leaving, equipped with a gun, but was unable to raise the alarm before she passed out again. As the wedding took place, Robert stayed hidden in the bushes and eventually, a frustrated Paul started shouting at his son to make himself known. At that moment, Robert stepped out of the shadows and shot his father, who fell to the ground. Dragged away by the police, Robert was shocked to realise that Paul was fine – he’d been wearing a bulletproof vest, and as Gail went to be with her ex-husband, Robert vowed that this wasn’t the end.

In the weeks that followed, Robert’s influence over the people of Erinsborough continued, as Toadie Rebecchi visited him, trying to find out what had happened to Connor after the missing Irishman’s wallet was found in Beijing. And, soon after, Robert deciding to hide from the staff at the prison, leading them to believe that he had escaped. That incident was to have deadly consequences, as Max, believing that Robert had come back for Katya, ran over Cameron, leading to his death.

A few months later, Robert was called upon to give evidence at Max's manslaughter trial. Although at first it appeared that Robert had changed and become much calmer due to his daily counselling sessions in prison, Max's lawyer, Toadie, was determined to prove that Robert was still dangerous, and Max had been right to fear for Katya's life. Following an angry outburst from Paul about his son even being allowed to take the stand, the court went into recess. Afterwards, Toadie put a plan into action, whereby he entered the courtroom with Katya and they shared a kiss, before he started questioning Robert, fiddling with his wedding ring and "accidentally" referring to her as Katya, rather than Miss Kinski. He concluded this by holding up the palms of his hands to show Robert the words 'she never loved you' written on them and Robert finally snapped, angrily screaming at Toadie and threatening to make Paul pay. Consequently, Max was given a light sentence with no jail time.

Trivia Notes
• Adam Hunter previously played Anthony Johnson in one episode in 2005, before returning in the dual roles of Robert and Cameron in 2006
• Although only born in 1989, Robert and Cameron were aged slightly to 19 upon their arrival in 2006
• Robert's childhood nicknames (given by Elle and Cameron) included Rob-Squared, RobRob and Ferret Boy
• The only physical difference between Robert and Cameron is a mole halfway up Rob's right arm
• Robert was named after his adoptive grandfather Rob Lewis

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Magic Moments
Episode 4932: Robert's Arrival
Episode 5012: Paul and Gail's Fake Wedding
Episode 5143: Max's Trial

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