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Tony Chapman 1986

After splitting up with Zoe Davis, Tony Chapman left Australia to live in England for a couple of years. Upon his return, he ran into her one day at the Coffee Shop and the spark between them was immediately evident to all of Zoe’s friends. After attending the wedding of Des Clarke and Daphne Lawrence, two of Zoe’s closest pals, the couple went back to number 28, the house which Zoe was minding while the newlyweds were on their honeymoon. However, with plenty of people coming and going, they struggled to get any time alone. When Mrs Mangel turned up and “accidentally” mentioned that Zoe had recently suffered a miscarriage, Tony was left shocked. But after a long chat about the situation, they decided to give their relationship another try and make up for all the time they’d lost out on.

Wanting to spend more time together, Tony asked Zoe to come and work for him as his secretary. She was fiercely loyal to the Daniels Corporation, however, and told him that she couldn’t walk out on her boss, Paul Robinson, just like that. But Paul was falling for Zoe himself and a jealous outburst led to Zoe walking out on him and accepting Tony’s job offer. The reunion continued as Tony proposed to Zoe, but she asked for some time to think about it. She later admitted to him that her miscarriage had left her with little chance of ever having children and Tony was stunned into silence. As Zoe took this to mean that Tony no longer wanted to marry her, she walked out and made plans to leave Ramsay Street and stay with one of her friends. In the meantime, Tony went to see Clive Gibbons, one of Zoe’s best friends, and explained what had happened, and that he wanted to be with Zoe regardless of the new information she’d shared with him. And so, with Clive on the case, the happy couple were finally reunited and Zoe left Ramsay Street to move in with him a few blocks away.

Trivia Notes
• Peter Bensley returned to the cast in 2009 as Dean Naughton

295, 296, 297, 298, 301

Biography by Steve