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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Patty Collins Lisa Green

Patty Collins 1986
Occupation: Teacher, Barmaid

After quitting her job as a teacher in Perth, Patty Collins decided to pack up her life and travel around Australia on her motorbike. Before leaving, her friend Jack Lassiter told her about a caravan he used to live in on the grounds of Lassiter’s hotel in Erinsborough, which she was welcome to use if she was ever in that area. After staying in Melbourne, Patty decided to take Jack up on his offer and tracked down the caravan, on the same night as Shane Ramsay decided to take a break from home and move in there himself. As Shane tried to crawl into bed that night, he was shocked to find it occupied already, but once Patty explained the situation, they agreed to try and share the caravan until she decided to move on. Shane was impressed with Patty’s stories of life on her bike, away from any responsibility and began to think about joining her as she went on the next leg of her trip to Brisbane.

Meanwhile, Paul Robinson, who’d been left in charge of the hotel by Jack, also took a shine to Patty and offered her some work in the Waterhole pub so she could afford to continue with her trip. She gladly accepted, but it wasn’t long before she was caught up in a huge drama when head barman, and local criminal, Alex Carter was rumbled and did a runner, taking the pub takings with him. Paul was unaware that he’d hired a wanted criminal and so immediately blamed new girl, Patty, for the missing money. She realised it wasn’t worth pleading her innocence, so she simply told Paul what he could do with his job and quit. However, when the police finally caught up with Alex and he was revealed to be behind a spate of burglaries in the area, as well as being the one who stole the pub takings, Paul was forced to apologise.

By that stage, Patty had already decided that she was ready to move on, and Shane had decided that he was going to go with her. However, as they were on the verge of leaving, word reached Shane that his ex-fiancee Daphne had been admitted to hospital with meningitis. After working a final few days in the pub, Patty told Shane that she was going and, if he was able to move on from Daphne, he should go with her, but she wouldn’t wait around. In the end, Shane realised that Patty was right and he had to move on, so he went with her as far as Brisbane, where he spent a few days with his parents, before returning to Ramsay Street.

Biography by Steve



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