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Keith Cox 2002
Occupation: Lawyer

When trainee lawyers Maggie Hancock and Toadie Rebecchi started their articles, they found placements with suburban law firm Keith Cox & Associates, working under the nervy and disorganised Mr Cox. Upon their arrival, they were immediately suspicious when they had to clear enough space in a cluttered room to create some space to work, and saw no sign of any of Keith’s associates. He claimed that his business partners, Morrie Feinberg and Trevor O’Reilly were both away, working on big cases, and that the building was a bit messy as they had only just moved into the premises. As a quick distraction from their constant questions, Keith took Maggie and Toadie for a champagne lunch at Lou’s Place pub, before departing early to go to the races, leaving Toadie to pick up the bill.

Over the weeks that followed, Toadie and Maggie increasingly found themselves alone at the office, and were even left to run a big case on their own. Fortunately, they won, bringing some good publicity for Keith and he again offered to take them out for a drink. Toadie, meanwhile, had other things to worry about, as his feelings for married Maggie were growing and he decided to quit, lying that he’d been offered a better-paid job. This led to Keith admitting to Maggie that there were no other associates and without Toadie working for him, he’d have to close the business, meaning that Maggie would also be out of a job. Both Maggie and Keith proceeded to talk to Toadie, trying to get him to stay, and he was forced to admit his true feelings to Maggie. Keith quickly picked up on the tension between them, and managed to get Toadie to stay with the promise of a big case against Tim Collins, the megalomaniacal lawyer Toadie had previously worked for, and walked out on.

Some weeks later, Keith was brought in to represent Maggie’s stepson, Matt, who had been involved in an illegal drag race. Unfortunately, Keith only succeeded in getting Matt’s bail denied and the judge then opted to charge him with reckless conduct, endangering lives. Matt was subsequently represented by QC Neil Walden and escaped a prison sentence. Maggie, meanwhile, was forced to sell up and move away with her family, while Toadie left Keith’s employ to accept a job with Tim Collins, who had left his money hungry colleagues to set up on his own.

Biography by Steve



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