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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Sharon Cox Emily Wheaton

Sharon [Shazza] Cox 2005
Occupation: Student

Sharon, or Shazza as most people knew her, moved from Colac with her family, into the house that backs onto number 24 Ramsay Street. She quickly made her presence felt when she gatecrashed a farewell party that the local teens were holding for their friend, Lana Crawford, who was leaving for Canada. She quickly hit it off with one of the party guests, Stingray Timmins, when she pulled his trousers down and saw the ‘Shazza’ tattoo on his bum. Although he got the tattoo for his dead guinea pig, it quickly brought the couple together and before the party ended, they were inseparable, as they found that they had everything in common. There was one person who wasn’t happy for them though – Stingray’s ex, Serena Bishop, who was on the verge of getting back together with him until Shazza muscled her way in.

Shazza and Stingray’s shared love of making trouble and performing dangerous stunts soon got them into plenty of scrapes. Shazza challenged Stingray to taunt the local police and do a skateboard jump into a shopping trolley, and he got his own back by pretending to be badly hurt when he fell off his board. Meanwhile, Shazza was aware that Serena was extremely jealous of her and the pair had several run-ins, as Serena tried to warn Stingray off his new woman. When Shazza’s parents went away for a few days, she invited Stingray over so that they could sleep together. This, however, proved to be the end of the relationship, as, the next day, Shazza wandered over to Ramsay Street and asked Serena to tell Stingray that he was dumped. She explained that she’d only been using him to make her real boyfriend, Jason, jealous. She later bumped into Stingray at Grease Monkeys and told him herself, explaining that he wouldn’t talk her out of it, as Jason had his own granny flat and a job at the local servo.

After dumping Jason, Shazza quickly moved on to Mike Pill, one of the hottest and most popular guys in the school. Although things were fine for a while, it all went wrong when Stingray’s younger sister, Janae, enrolled at Erinsborough High. In a desperate attempt to become popular, Janae attempted to steal Mike away, leading to a cat fight between the two girls in the school corridor. Although they were punished with detentions, Janae’s plan worked and Shazza ended up being on the receiving end of being dumped.

Episodes Featured
4633, 4634, 4637, 4638, 4643, 4644, 4703

Biography by Steve



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