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Michelle Craig 2004-
Occupation: Channel 44 News Reporter, Erinsborough News Journalist

Local reporter for Channel 44, Michelle Craig was the first on the scene when three of the Ramsay Street residents Sindi Watts, Stuart Parker and Toadfish Rebecchi were involved in an armed siege at Pacific Bank. As soon as Sindi was released, Michelle was after an interview, and she recognised Sindi from her days as presenter of Channel 44 show, Making Mansions. A few weeks later, Michelle interviewed another Ramsay Street local, David Bishop, about his bid to run for local council.

In 2006, in her new role as human interest and gossip columnist for the Erinsborough News, Michelle was contacted by Bree Timmins, a teenage Ramsay Street resident who had become a local celebrity as the author of the novel, The Bogan's Tipped Hair. In an effort to increase sales of her book, Bree enlisted the help of her boyfriend, Zeke Kinski to pretend that he was called Jimmy and had to live in a plastic tent, with Bree as his carer. Unfortunately, the 'Boy in the Bubble' plot failed as Michelle soon realised the scam and almost ruined Bree's writing career by reporting it.

Biography by Steve



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