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Steve Crandall 2001
Children: Anita
Occupation: MOCO Deliveryman

When Steph Scully was given a promotion in her job at small parts delivery service, MOCO, she was also given the task of sacking one of the drivers. She had to choose between Dave Patrick, a long-time driver who saw his colleagues as his family, and younger Steve Crandall, who was desperately strapped for cash with a young daughter, Anita, with chronic asthma. Although Steph had decided to sack Steve, as the more recent employee, when he told her about his family situation, she realised that she couldn’t go through with it and would have to sack Dave. The situation turned on its head again, as Dave spoke about the recent death of his wife. In the end, Steph realised that one of them would have to go and she stuck to her original decision of Steve. They arranged a meeting at Lou’s pub, only for Steve to walk in and announce that he’d been offered a better-paid job with MOCO’s opposition.

Notes: Travis Clark previously played an estate agent in 1999.

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