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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Dave Patrick Chris Gaffney

Dave Patrick 2001
Occupation: MOCO Driver

After being promoted at MOCO, Steph Scully was given the difficult task of cutting costs by sacking one of the drivers. Her first option was young driver Steve Crandall, who was strapped for cash and had a young daughter with chronic asthma. Her other option was Dave Patrick, who had been delivering for MOCO for years and, following the death of his wife, had come to see them as his family. When Steph went to speak to Dave, he told her about a birthday collection he was making for a colleague, and also about some money he was raising for Steve’s sick child, and Steph realised that she would have to let Steve go. Fortunately for her, Steve ended up quitting to work for a rival company, before Steph even had the chance to sack him.

Notes: Chris Gaffney previously played Geoff Hastings in 1999, and returned as Ralph Simpson in 2004.

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