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Max Crawford 2000

When Dee Bliss’ ex-boyfriend, Max Crawford, returned to Melbourne after a couple of years travelling overseas, Dee was eager to introduce him to her new boyfriend, Joel Samuels. Joel realised that there was a hidden reason behind her eagerness, and so she was forced to admit that she and Max had never officially broken up before he left, so she was taking Joel along to make the situation clear. Although Joel refused to go along, he later turned up and found Max and Dee engrossed in memories from their time together. Joel struggled to control his jealousy, particularly when Max gave Dee a bottle of her favourite perfume, which he’d brought back from Budapest, and she explained to Joel that Max would be staying at her flat for a few weeks until he sorted himself out. Although Max claimed that he was fine with Dee and Joel, and had also moved on, it wasn’t until Joel’s flatmates, Toadie Rebecchi and Lance Wilkinson overheard him on the phone in the Coffee Shop that they realised something was amiss. Max was overheard turning down a room in a share house, explaining that he was staying with his ex and trying to win her back.

When Joel got to hear about it, he confronted Max, who insisted that they’d got their wires crossed and he’d simply turned down the other house because it was too expensive. Fortunately, Max then got a job interview with a rug importing business, which included accommodation in West Warratah. Although pleased that he would be leaving Dee’s flat, Joel then decided that the best way to get rid of Max completely might be to pair him up with someone else, so he set up a date with neighbour Stephanie Scully. Although Steph didn’t particularly like Max, Joel encouraged his rival to persevere. But Dee wasn’t too happy when she noticed Max’s new blossoming romance and she even warned Steph off. When Joel found out, he was convinced that Dee was jealous and that she was still in love with Max. Although Dee insisted that Joel had nothing to be jealous about, following a night out with Max and her friend Tess Bell, Dee ended up sharing a goodnight kiss with Max on the doorstep. Although Max thought it was a sign that they would be getting back together, Dee let him down gently, before admitting everything to Joel, who, as a sign of his new-found maturity, took the news well.

Biography by Steve



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