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Indiana Crowe 2015

After arranging to buy 26 Ramsay Street and getting a loan from the bank, Sheila Canning decided that she needed to supplement her income, and advertised the spare room on AirBnB. As Christmas approached, her first guest was Indiana Crowe, a young woman who was spending some time travelling down from Townsville after a bad break-up. She found herself walking in on a Canning family war, as Sheila had convinced herself that her grandson Kyle and his girlfriend Amy were planning to move out and find their own place, leaving her without their rent, just as she'd taken on a mortgage. Matters only worsened when Sheila decided to hold a special celebration on Christmas Eve, without inviting Kyle and Amy - but as she went to pick up the food, Indiana soon found herself with an admirer in the shape of neighbour Tyler Brennan, who helped to walk her home with her bags.

Meanwhile, worried that the war between Sheila and Kyle was going to ruin Christmas Day, Amy's son Jimmy asked Indiana and Tyler to help him fix things - and they agreed to make themselves scarce for the evening, while Jimmy asked Amy and Kyle to come home. They cleared the air with Sheila, telling her that she'd managed to get the wrong end of the stick once again, and they had no intention of moving out. With the Cannings a happy family once again, Indiana and Tyler were also getting along well, after he took her to see the Christmas lights in the city, and invited her to spend Christmas Day at his place. Unfortunately, just as he was moving in for a kiss, they were interrupted by Tyler's neighbour, teenager Piper Willis, who turned up to tell him all about her latest family problems, refusing to leave despite a few none-too-subtle hints. As Piper complained that she'd been banned from vlogging, Indiana showed her some zines, suggesting that she could use the pen and paper method to get her voice heard. In a much better mood, Piper finally realised that she was a third wheel and made herself scarce, but Tyler's fling with Indiana was short-lived, as she explained that she was leaving for the Great Ocean Road later that day. And so, after giving the Cannings a five-star review and thanking them for their hospitality, Indiana left Ramsay Street.

Trivia Notes
Indiana's father is German

7266, 7267, 7268

Biography by Steve