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Mick Crowe 2001, 2002
Parents: Gordon
Occupation: Student, Pest Control Assistant

When young couple Tad Reeves and Flick Scully got together, Tad was jealous when he walked in on Flick laughing at a story being told to her by fellow student Mick Crowe. Later, when they were all in class, Mick passed Flick a note asking to meet him, which Tad intercepted. He told Flick that the note was asking if she was taking Bomber Rogers to the school formal, and Flick shook her head at Mick. Tad then wrote ‘bite me’ on the note and passed it back to a disappointed Mick.

The following year, Mick had completed year 12 and had become a partner in his father’s pest exterminating business, Gordon Crowe & Son. When his father had an accident on the golf course, Mick was sent to a job at 22 Ramsay Street, getting rid of the termites for Drew Kirk and his wife, Libby. However, Drew was furious when his young baby, Ben, accidentally got locked inside the house during the extermination, and neighbour Summer Hoyland was forced to crawl in through the bathroom window to rescue him. A couple of weeks later, the termites had returned and Drew grudgingly agreed to hire Mick again when he offered to do the job for half the previous price.

Summer made sure that she was hanging around when Mick returned and, whilst playing with Drew and Libby’s dog, Audrey, she was alarmed when some of the chemicals in Mick’s van were knocked over and Audrey started drinking them. A desperate Summer asked Mick to take them to the vet’s, but he admitted that the liquid wasn’t dangerous and was in fact just green cordial. In the hope that Summer would keep her mouth shut about his scam, Mick gave her his Walkman. When he returned a few weeks later for a follow-up call, Summer attempted to blackmail him again, but he told her that, this time, he’d done the job properly and wouldn’t need to return again.

Biography by Steve