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Audrey 2001-2012
Lived: 22, 26, 28, 30 Ramsay Street, Libby and Drew's flat
Whelped: c. 2001
Died: 2012

When mechanic Drew Kirk found a small terrier shivering in a cardboard box at the garage one day, he took her home to the flat he shared with new wife, Libby. Since their lease didn’t allow pets, they were forced to take the little dog to a pound, but after learning that she had a heart condition and would be put down, Libby convinced Drew to adopt the puppy, who they named Audrey (after Audrey Hepburn), despite Drew’s claims that it wasn’t very ‘doggy’ and that Muffin would be a far better name. Audrey moved into the flat, and Libby and Drew managed to keep her hidden during a sudden flat inspection by the owner and a little while later, they, along with Libby and Drew’s new baby son, Ben, moved to Ramsay Street when Lou Carpenter rented them number 22.

When Libby left Erinsborough, a year after Drew’s untimely death, for a teaching job in Adelaide, she took Audrey with her. But Audrey knew where her real home was, and bravely walked all the way back to Melbourne, where she was found as a stray by a boy named Jamie Clarke. Jamie had his own connection to Ramsay Street, having spent the first few years of his life there and he and Audrey, who he had renamed Scruff, met Stuart Parker, to form a trio of Ramsay Street refugees. When Jamie returned home for a Christmas reunion with his dad, Des, Stuart kept Scruff and moved back to Ramsay Street, but it wasn’t until the little dog was run over by Libby's brother, Mal that anyone realised the mix-up. Audrey went to live with the Kennedy family, who were joined, for a while, by Libby, who later moved away again, this time to Shepparton, leaving Audrey in the care of her mum, Susan.

Eighteen months after Libby’s departure, her dad, Karl, moved back into the house he had once shared with Susan, as the pair reunited after a painful divorce. While Susan was happy to have him back under her roof, Audrey was less pleased, growling at her new master, so pet therapist Dr Dorothy Little was called in. Dr Little wasted no time in forcing Karl to behave like a dog, and make Audrey see that he was not a threat to Susan’s wellbeing. Though Dr Little’s treatment succeeded, Audrey’s anxiety problems returned the following year, and Karl this time used the cheaper services of new friend, and vet, Steve Parker.

In early 2012, Susan and Karl were separated again and believed that the emotional upheaval was the reason for Audrey being lethargic and refusing to eat. But as her odd behaviour continued, Karl took her to see the vet, who confirmed that she was suffering from liver shunt and was deteriorating rapidly. After spending a final few hours with their beloved dog, Karl and Susan were joined by the vet, who put Audrey to sleep. The little dog was in for one final adventure though, after being placed in an Esky before her burial, which ended up being taken away in the hard rubbish collection. After bribing the council worker, Karl managed to get the Esky back and, after some earlier disagreements, it was decided that Audrey would be buried at Sonya Mitchell's nursery, where the family could all visit and say their goodbyes.

Trivia Notes
• Audrey is a female Cairn Terrier.

Biography by Steve