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Brandon Danker 2017, 2018
Occupation: Lassiter's Hotel Reception Staff

When Gary Canning was offered an interview for work in the Lanzini's kitchen by John Rotondo, it ended badly when John found out that Gary's interest in cookery had begun when he was in prison. Later that day, John got in touch again and mentioned that he had something else that Gary could do - oyster fishing, though it wasn't entirely legal. Gary said that he'd think about it, and later followed John to Lassiter's, where receptionist Brandon told Gary that John had gone up to the penthouse to speak to Paul Robinson. Gary quickly realised that the whole thing had been set up by Paul to try and get him sent back to prison, and out of the life of Terese, Gary's fiancee who Paul was still in love with.

A couple of months later, following the mysterious death of Hamish Roche, ex-cop Mishti Sharma was trying to work out if Sheila and Gary Canning were lying about their alibis from the night of Hamish's death. As Mishti had been working as personal trainer to Courtney, the fiancee of hotel co-owner Paul Robinson, she approached Brandon at reception and claimed that she'd been trying to move around some dates on Courtney's calendar but had accidentally deleted some information. Brandon then allowed her to quickly access the hotel system, and she downloaded the information she needed to prove that Sheila and Gary hadn't been in their hotel room when Hamish died. Though Gary and Sheila were ultimately found to have actually covered for each other, Mishti, who had now returned to the police force, remained confused about how their hotel check-in times had changed on the hotel system - unaware that it was actually Paul who'd agreed to change them, but only if Gary split up with Terese. Though Paul and his son, Mishti's boyfriend Leo, claimed that there had been a technical glitch, Mishti continued to investigate, approaching Brandon - who was confused that she was now dressed as a police officer - again, trying to get more information on the glitch and whether the hotel's IT department had been informed. When Leo realised what she was up to, he put in a complaint with the police, and Mishti was forced to drop the matter by her superiors.

Shortly after, Brandon was forced to deal with irate hotel guest John Bushell, who had been charged for alcohol from his minibar that he didn't take, insisting that he was on liver medication and he couldn't drink. Leo quickly stepped in to help, with new housekeeping staff, Gary's daughter Xanthe under suspicion for the theft - though it was ultimately discovered that Paul's grandson Jimmy had been taking the bottles and selling them on.

A couple of months later, Brandon was tasked with checking the references of Chloe Brennan, who'd just been employed as Executive Assistant to Lassiters' temporary manager Leo Tanaka. When Chloe realised that Brandon was checking up on her, she headed straight down to the hotel and flirted with him, admitting that she needed his help as she'd bent the truth a little bit on her CV. They arranged to meet up for a date later that day, and Brandon fell for her games, lying to Leo that all of Chloe's references checked out, and everyone spoke very highly of her. Wanting some alone time with Brandon, and knowing that the Rebecchi family were out of town, she told him that she lived at 32 Ramsay Street, where he joined her for a spa, only for their date to be interrupted by the arrival of Jane Harris.

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Biography by Steve