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26 Ramsay Street 1985-
Address: 26 Ramsay Street, Erinsborough, Victoria, 9571

Current Residents:
Sheila Canning (2012-),
Gary Canning (2014-2015, 2016-),
Xanthe Canning (2015-)

Past Regular Residents: Amy Williams (2015-2017, 2017),
Jimmy Williams (2015-2017, 2017), Kyle Canning (2011-2016), Naomi Canning (2014-2015), Georgia Brooks (2014-2015), Chris Pappas (2012-2015), Kate Ramsay (2013), Rhys Lawson (2011-2013), Jade Mitchell (2011-2012), Mark Brennan (2011), Lyn Scully (1999-2006, 2009-2011, 2011), Summer Hoyland (2010-2011, 2011), Charlie Hoyland (2009-2010, 2010-2011, 2011), Stephanie Scully (1999-2003, 2009-2010, 2010), Lucas Fitzgerald (2010), Lou Carpenter (2008-2009), Declan Napier (2008-2009), Rebecca Napier (2009), India Napier (2009), Steve Parker (2007-2009), Miranda Parker (2007-2009), Bridget Parker (2007-2009), Mickey Gannon (2007-2009), Paul Robinson (1985, 2009), Nicola West (2008), Ned Parker (2007-2008), Riley Parker (2007-2008), Janae Timmins (2005-2006, 2007-2008), Janelle Timmins (2004, 2005-2007), Bree Timmins (2005-2007), Dylan Timmins (2005-2007), Stingray Timmins (2005-2007), Oscar Scully (2003-2006), Valda Sheergold (2003, 2004, 2005), Jack Scully (2002-2004), Joe Scully (1999-2004), Michelle Scully (1999-2003), Lori Lee (2002-2003), Connor O'Neill (2002-2003), Felicity Scully (1999-2002), Anne Wilkinson (1998-1999), Lance Wilkinson (1998-1999), Ruth Wilkinson (1998-1999), Cody Willis (1994-1995), Philip Martin (1992, 1994-1999), Hannah Martin (1992, 1994-1999), Debbie Martin (1992, 1994-1997), Helen Daniels (1985-1997), Luke Handley (1995-1996), Jen Handley (1995), Lucy Robinson (1985-1986, 1987-1988, 1991-1992, 1995), Julie Martin (1985, 1992, 1994), Wayne Duncan (1993-1994), Annalise Hartman (1993-1994), Jim Robinson (1985-1993), Beth Brennan (1992), Todd Landers (1987-1992), Glen Donnelly (1991-1992), Josh Anderson (1990-1992), Matt Robinson (1990, 1991), Beverly Robinson (1988-1990), Nick Page (1988-1990), Katie Landers (1987-1989), Scott Robinson (1985-1987), Nikki Dennison (1986-1987)

Past Guest/Unseen Character Residents: Brooke Butler (2016, 2017), Rhiannon Bates (2013), Harley Canning (2012), Dane Canning (2011), Michelle Tran (2011), Allan Steiger (2007), Georgia 'George' Brown (1996), Casper Mack (1996), Chrissie Adams (1987), Anne Robinson (1960s-1973)

Past Pet Residents: Bossy (2012-2016), Harvey (2000-2006, 2009-2010), Jake (2007-2009), Bronte (2008-2009), Tazzle (2006-2007, 2008-2009), Rex (2007), Pouch (2007-2008), Dahl (2006), Bouncer 5 (2005), Blanche (2003), Stella (2003), T-Rex (1999-2000), Bonnie (1998-1999), Suede Tess (1995), Holly (1994-1998), Rupert (1988-1989), Bouncer (1987), Billy (1986), Basil (1985-1987)

Along with Numbers 24 and 28, Number 26 has been central to Neighbours since episode one. Originally owned by widower Jim Robinson who lived here with his children, Paul, Julie, Scott, Lucy and mother-in-law Helen Daniels. The house was decorated in a brown colour scheme in the lounge, with blue in the kitchen. When the series moved to Network Ten in 1986, the old Channel Seven sets had been destroyed, so many of the sets, including number 26, were recreated with new decor. As a result, Jim redecorated the lounge with blue and white patterned wallpaper. The house took on a new look in 1992, with no on-screen explanation.

Following Jim's death in 1993, his will stipulated that it was to be taken over by Helen, until her death. It would then be divided up between four of his children; Glen, Scott, Paul and Lucy. In 1995, Helen mentioned that Julie's widower Philip Martin would be redecorating and a week later, the new house was unveiled with a dark green colour scheme.

Following Helen's death in 1997, the Martins continued living in the house, and redecorated again in 1999 soon after the Martin and Wilkinson families became one with yellow wallpaper in the lounge and a cornflower blue colour scheme in the kitchen. The shelving section behind the dining table in the kitchen was also reduced in size.

Given the stipulations of Jim Robinson's will, it seemed that Philip had taken over the house at some point not mentioned on-screen, as he was able to sell it to the Scully family later in 1999.

The Scully family lived for several years with the old scheme, despite a fire on Millennium eve, but in 2004, they took part in Making Mansions, a reality show which saw their home revamped with a new modern look with white walls in the lounge, a blue and green colour scheme in the kitchen, brand new kitchen units and furniture throughout.

In 2006, Lyn Scully was forced to sell the house to cover legal bills, and it was bought by Loris Timmins, who gave it to her daughter-in-law Janelle as a peace offering. When the Timmins moved up north in 2007, Janelle's daughter Janae stayed and let her boyfriend Ned Parker, his son Mickey, brother Steve and his family move in. With Janelle having taken the furniture, Steve and his wife Miranda placed their own furniture in the house, including new sofas and a dark wood dining table.

Janelle decided to sell the house in 2008 and at first it was going to be sold at a reduced price to Janae, Ned, his brother Steve and his wife Miranda. However, Steve and Miranda were unsure that they wanted to invest their money on the basis of Ned and Janae's volatile relationship and in the end, the young couple split and the house was put up for auction. Steve Parker won the auction by bidding $600,000. He outbid Tim Collins, who was hoping to demolish the house for flats, as well as Marco Silvani and Carmella Cammeniti.

In 2009, following the death of their daughter, Bridget, Steve & Miranda left the street, putting the house on the market shortly after. Spotting the sale sign going up, the recently returned Lyn Scully convinced her daughter Steph to buy their old family home, which she got at a bargain price after only a day on the market. Although Steph brought much of her own furniture with her from her previous house, Number 32, the Parkers dining table and a few other items remained.

Following a fire caused by faulty Christmas lights in late 2010 shortly after Steph was sent to jail, the house was refurbished and redecorated again with red and biscuit colour tones by builder Jim Dolan in 2011 after the local community raised funds to do so after the insurance refused to pay out. Despite the kitchen units initially remaining unchanged, the doors on the wall cupboards were later replaced with backlit frosted glass doors with no explanation, and similar doors were placed over the shelving unit behind the dining table. Following Lyn's departure, her lodger, Kyle Canning stayed on in the house, renting rooms out to assist with the rent.

Later in 2011, the shelving section, now having backlit doors, was removed completely as it was felt it was too distracting to viewers, reducing the size of the kitchen considerably.

In late 2015 as the bank called in loans Paul had taken out for a development project, he was forced to liquidate some of his assets including Number 26. He gave first refusal to the Cannings, with Sheila putting in an offer to buy the house which he accepted.

In 2017, Sheila hired her lodger, Amy Williams, to renovate the house. The lounge, kitchen and utility room received a new blue and white colour scheme with brand new furniture throughout and new white kitchen units.

Trivia Notes
The house used for the exterior of Number 26 is 6 Pin Oak Court, Vermont South, Melbourne, Victoria, 3133.
When filming exterior scenes, a number 2 is stuck in front the house number on the front wall.
A pillar used to be located near the front door, until late 1999, when it was cut down to half its original size without on-screen explanation. It was removed completely in 2004.
The bar located by the bookshelf during the Scully's early residence was previously seen in Number 24, when owned by Lou Carpenter in the early 1990s.
In 1999, the Millennium night fire in the kitchen was contrived to cover the fact that the set was replaced with a replica. The original is now housed in the Melbourne Museum. Visitors can take photographs on the set and open the fridge to see Scott and Charlene's wedding cake! Numerous cast autographs adorn the backs of the walls.
The bathroom at Number 26 boasts a jacuzzi bath.
In 2013, a new exterior backyard set debuted, which included a facade of the rear of the house and a hot tub.

Floor Plan

Please note: Due to studio and production constraints, alterations are often made to the layout of rooms/sets. Thus, the above illustration is intended as a plan based on the architecture of the actual houses on Pin Oak Court, and the various replicated interior layouts that have appeared on-screen over the years. Blue sections show areas which are rarely, if ever, shown on screen.

Illustration by Rhys and David

Click here for the floor plan used from 1985 to 2011
Click here for satellite photograph (from Google Earth)

Key moments (with episode links where available)

Paul and Terry get married
Jim and Beverly get married
Paul and Gail renew their wedding vows
Helen suffers two strokes
Jim has a heart attack and dies
Helen passes away
The Martin's departure
The Scully's arrival
Millennium night fire in the kitchen









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