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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Lewis Fleming Clive Hearne

Lewis Fleming 1986
Children: Debra
Occupation: Businessman

An important client of Lassiter’s hotel, Lewis Fleming made regular trips to town, and Jack Lassiter always made sure to treat him well. Helen Daniels was delighted when her business, Home James, were given the task of chauffeuring Lewis and his daughter, Debra, around while they were staying. However, when Helen spotted her partner in the business, Shane Ramsay, kissing Debra, she realised that she would have to do the job herself. Lewis was horrified to see a woman standing by the car when he appeared outside the hotel and told her that he would rather she sent for a male driver instead. Helen told that if that were the case, she would take him to court for discrimination. Lewis reluctantly agreed to go with her and was very pleasantly surprised and arranged for her to collect him the next day.

As Helen drove Lewis to his meeting, she heard him and Debra discussing how they were going to con someone into selling them some land at a cheap price. Helen was astonished when they arrived and she saw that it was her own grandson, Paul. She managed to avoid telling Paul the truth during a brief chat with him, but when Paul called her “Gran” in front of Lewis and Debra, they accused him of setting the whole thing up, with Helen as his spy and announced that they would take him to court. Lewis later called round to Helen’s home to apologise for his outburst earlier, as he realised that he had been in the wrong, and he offered to take her out to dinner.

However, Fleming wasn’t quite finished with the Robinson family, as he sent in Debra to get close to Paul and steal all of their best business deals from under their noses. Although her plan worked well at first, Paul quickly realised what was going on and had Debra followed. With his suspicions confirmed, Debra was banished and the Fleming family were forced to find another person to cheat.

Notes: Clive Hearne returned to Neighbours in 1997 to play Father Donnelly.

Biography by Steve



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