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Genie Florence 1998

When photographer Declan Hewitt – an old flame of Susan Kennedy – turned up in Erinsborough to give a series of lectures at Eden University, Susan’s daughter, Libby, quickly fell under his spell. Susan’s attempts to warn Libby about Declan’s lecherous ways were futile, until she mentioned a story about a dying butterfly in the rainforest that Declan had told her in order to seduce her. Libby admitted that Declan had used exactly the same line on her, and set about planning her revenge on the man. Whilst in town, Declan had also arranged a luncheon at Lou’s Place pub with The Arts Appreciation Group, a committee of middle-aged women who had been following, and funding, Declan’s photography career. At the luncheon, Libby met the chairwoman of the group, Genie Florence, whose interest in Declan clearly went further than his talents as a photographer.

Meanwhile, Libby was all set to give Declan’s introduction at the luncheon and had realised that it was the perfect opportunity to reveal him as the creep that he was. As she stood on the stage and the women listened, Libby mentioned the butterfly story and Declan was horrified as each of the women realised that he’d used the same line to charm them. As Libby’s speech drew to a close, an amused Susan, who had dropped in to witness Declan’s undoing, started to clap, but Genie was horrified by the way she and her arts group had been used. Although a desperate Declan tried to appease a humiliated Genie, telling her that he was an artist and artists had to be selfish, she told him that they would be withdrawing their funding before hurrying out of the pub in shame.

Notes: Maureen Andrew previously appeared in 1997 as teacher Ms Killalee, and returned in 2000 as Aggie Lyons and in 2002 as Dr Danielle Marks.

To read our interview with Maureen Andrew, click here.

Biography by Steve



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