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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Jacinta Harvey Jo McKenzie

Jacinta Harvey 2004
Occupation: Erinsborough News Sub-Editor

A friend of Sindi Watts, from when they used to work together on the Erinsborough News, Jacinta certainly wasn’t backward in coming forwards. When she attended Sindi’s surprise birthday party at 30 Ramsay Street, she met Stuart Parker. As she and Stuart began exchanging glances, she asked Sindi to introduce them. Little did Jacinta know what she was getting herself into; Sindi was confused over her own feelings for Stuart, but was forced to pretend otherwise for the sake of her relationship with boyfriend, Toadie. Stu and Jacinta quickly got to know each other as the evening progressed and ended up sleeping together. Toadie was especially pleased to find them together the next morning, as it seemed to indicate that Stuart would no longer be a threat to his relationship with Sindi. Jacinta was happy too, and started to make plans for the day, until Stu told her that he was looking for nothing more than a one-night stand. Jacinta was unimpressed, wishing he’d told her that from the beginning, and she walked out.

Notes: In 2003, Jo McKenzie played Michelle Glue, another girl Stuart picked up, who was extremely unimpressed to find him living in the disgusting House of Trouser, and promptly walked out.

Biography by Steve



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