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Amy Hayes 2007
Occupation: Prison Officer at Goodwood Women's Prison

When Sky Mangel was sent to prison, wrongly believing that she’d killed fake spiritualist Terrence Chesterton, she ended up sharing a cell with Mary Casey. Mary came across as a nice lady, but had actually been imprisoned for holding Pepper Steiger, one of Sky’s neighbours, hostage, obsessed with the young girl who very nearly supplied her with a grandchild eight years earlier. Mary encouraged Sky to apply to have her own baby daughter, Kerry, live with her in prison but Sky’s grandfather, Harold Bishop, was against the idea, and despite Sky’s application being successful, he kept Kerry with him. However, Kerry’s paternal grandmother, Janelle Timmins, realised that mother and daughter should be together and snatched her and took her to prison. Not long after, Pepper overheard Harold and Janelle talking and they all realised who Sky’s cellmate was, and rushed to the prison. When Sky heard that she had visitors, she left Kerry with Mary while she went outside to see them but, as they explained who Mary was, the prison wing went into lockdown as a riot began. Despite Sky’s best efforts to get to her baby, prison guard Amy Hayes informed her that she couldn’t go back in. But Sky saw an opportunity and went back into the building, desperately hunting for Mary and Kerry. Mary eventually appeared with the child, and explained that she’d overheard one of the other prisoners, Krystal McCoy, planning the riot in order to snatch the baby and so had hidden her.

A few days later, Mary was transferred to another prison in order to get the counselling she needed, and Sky was left alone to face the bullies, who proceeded to trash her cell and spray graffiti warning her that she’d never get out. When Sky showed Amy the evidence of her victimisation, she was simply told that she should keep her head down and her mouth shut if she wanted to avoid trouble. Desperate to avoid any more problems, in the place where she believed she’d be spending 12 more years of her life, Sky asked Harold to sneak her in some money so that she could pay Krystal off. Harold wasn’t prepared to break the law, fearing that, if caught, Sky could end up with an even longer sentence, but his friend Lou Carpenter managed to get an envelope into the visiting area and was attempting to pass it across the floor to Sky when Amy spotted what was going on and dragged Sky off to be searched. Fortunately, Janelle had managed to hide the envelope and Amy found nothing on Sky, but, moments later, her lawyer, Toadie Rebecchi, arrived with news that Terrence’s real killer, Charlotte Stone, had been found out and, apart from the charge of assault, Sky was now a free woman and could leave the next morning.

Biography by Steve