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Neighbourhood > Character Profiles > Mike Healey Andrew Blackman

Mike Healey 1998-1999
Lived: 32 Ramsay Street
Parent: Bianca
Marital Status: Victoria
Children: Sasha
Occupation: University Lecturer, Editor of the Erinsborough News

Mike was lecturing journalism at Eden Hills University when he met Libby Kennedy and romance blossomed. At first, the pair attempted to keep it all under wraps, due to the obvious age difference and the professional problems he would encounter. However, after Libby claimed to be away horse-riding, and was reported to be missing from the group, Libby was forced to come clean about her true whereabouts with Mike. After explaining the situation to her parents, the Kennedys held a dinner party in order to meet him. However, Karl was none-too-pleased with this older man romancing his daughter, especially when he learnt that Mike had a young daughter of his own.

When Mike decided to introduce Libby to his daughter, Sasha, it suddenly caused her to have second thoughts about their relationship. However, Mike assured her that he no longer had feelings for his ex-wife, Victoria and only saw her when it was to discuss the welfare of Sasha. Libby soon learnt that this wasn't true and that Mike was still socialising with his ex, making her wonder what else he wasn't being honest about.

However, Mike decided to prove that he wanted to be close to Libby, literally, by renting out number 32. At first, Libby was stunned and wondered whether she really wanted Mike that close by, but she soon came round to the idea. When both Mike and Karl wanted to be a part of Libby's 21st birthday celebrations, Libby decided they could - by having her party at number 28, then moving it over to number 32 for the rest of the evening. This helped to cement Libby and Mike's relationship.

Shortly after, Libby was at number 32 when Mike's mother, Bianca, called by to visit. Realising Mike wasn't at home, Bianca took the opportunity to tell Libby that she could never be a replacement for Sasha's real mother. While Mike convinced Libby that he had spoken to his mum and convinced her there was no problem, it quickly became obvious that he was only saying it to placate Libby and that Bianca had not budged in her opinion.

As time went on, Libby began to bond with Sasha, but things with Victoria failed to thaw. As Mike's behaviour became increasingly odd, Karl worried that Libby should have thought twice before becoming involved with him. Meanwhile, Drew, who was in love with Libby, could only watch as she fell further for him. However, Drew caught Mike cheating on Libby with Victoria, but couldn't face being the one to break Libby's heart like that. Instead, Drew confronted Mike, punching him and Libby demanded to know what was going on. Drew refused to say anything and Libby continued to see Mike, blissfully unaware of what was going on.

However, Mike's world was set to be torn apart when Sasha revealed to Libby that he mum was expecting another baby - Libby soon realised that she was being taken for a fool. Mike attempted to win her over, but she knew that she would always come second in his life and so Mike moved out of number 32 and left Libby's life.

Biography by Steve



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