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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Shannon Jones Diana Glenn

Shannon Jones 1998, 1999
Children: Brian

Single mum Shannon Jones first met Toadie Rebecchi when he was picking up Lolly from the local playgroup. She was there collecting her son, Brian, and the pair soon struck up a friendship. Toadie asked various neighbours to help her get a job and developed a huge crush on her. She was flattered by the attention he gave her, but tried to make it clear that she wanted nothing more than friendship from him. However, with the university ball approaching, Toadie decided that he wanted to ask Shannon. Unfortunately, he took her agreeing to go with him as a sign that she fancied him and tried to kiss her. Horrified by this, she decided to cool things with their friendship. However, while at the uni ball, Shannon ended up kissing someone else – Darren Stark, who was already in a relationship with Libby. Afterwards, Darren was keen to move on, but Shannon went to see him, keen to take things further. Unfortunately, their kiss this time was videotaped by the kids for a school project and, when Libby went to view the videos, she saw Darren and Shannon kissing and promptly split up with him.

The following year, when Libby was finally over Darren, Shannon came back into her life, this time as an obstacle between her and Drew. After Shannon’s home was destroyed by a fire and she lost everything, the locals rallied round to help her get back on her feet. Drew was particularly kind, spending time with her and Brian, and offering a room at number 22 for the two of them while Lou was away. Drew and Shannon got very close to each other and went on a couple of dates, but it was obvious, at least to her, that his heart wasn’t in it. After a few weeks, her home was ready to move back into and she prepared to leave. However, when Harold found out it was her birthday, he made sure that everyone knew it and presented her with a huge bunch of flowers.

Biography by Steve



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