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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Lorraine Kingham Antoinette Byron

Lorraine Kingham 1985
Parents: Mr and Mrs Kingham

Lorraine met Des Clarke through her best friend, Julie Robinson, with whom Des had recently ended a relationship. Des and Lorraine started seeing each other, and before long, they were engaged. However, Julie wasn’t pleased with the way Des had moved on so quickly, especially with a friend of hers, and, possibly subconsciously, she managed to talk Lorraine out of marrying Des on the eve of the wedding. It wasn’t long before Lorraine was completely out of Des’ life, after she went to the house to apologise and explain, but caught Daphne the stripper coming out of Des’ bedroom. Although the situation had been completely innocent – Daphne had only called in to collect her watch which she’d left behind the previous night – it was the final nail in the coffin for their engagement.

A couple of years later, with Des and Daphne happily married and expecting their first child, Des was called away to a conference in Hobart. As soon as Des returned, he began to receive mysterious interstate phone calls. Daphne’s mind was put at rest when it turned out that Des’ mother, Eileen was away in New South Wales, but then Eileen explained that she had only made one call. When a letter arrived for Des, Daphne was deeply worried that her husband was cheating, and so she steamed in open. She found that it was from Lorraine, thanking Des for the time they spent together in Tasmania. Daphne refused to listen to Des and threw him out. When she had finally calmed down, he explained that he’d only run into Lorraine by accident, and had been giving her financial advice. With everything finally out in the open, life in the Clarke household returned to normal.

Biography by Steve



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