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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Mr Kingham James Taylor

Mr Kingham 1985
Marital Status: Mrs Kingham
Children: Lorraine

After helping out his daughter, Lorraine, when she became engaged to Des Clarke, by finding them a house in Ramsay Street and furnishing it, Mr Kingham was still slightly relieved when she called off the wedding at the last minute, realising that she didn’t truly love Des. However, when he, his wife and Lorraine went to the house to break the news to Des, they were shocked to find stripper Daphne Lawrence emerging from the bedroom. Although her reason for being there was completely innocent – she’d been performing at the bucks’ night and had left her watch behind – Mr Kingham immediately recognised her as a former receptionist from his firm, who had accused him of sexual harassment. Thinking the worst, and feeling very uncomfortable talking to Daphne in front of his wife, he quickly left.

Notes: James Taylor returned in 1998 as Judge Wickham.

Biography by Steve



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