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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Peter Kirk Peter Mochrie

Peter Kirk 1985

An heir to millions, Peter Kirk saw Julie Robinson working in the bank and decided to ask her out. Unfortunately, as the bank had recently been held up, Julie grew suspicious of Peter hanging around and warned the police. When Peter then handed Julie a note, asking for a date, he was grabbed by two undercover officers. Fortunately, after the mess was all cleared up, Julie agreed to go out for dinner with Peter.

Peter was head over heels in love with Julie from the start and met all of her family, who all found him charming. Soon afterwards, while they were lounging by the pool one day, Peter suddenly asked Julie if she would marry him. She was very flattered by this, but admitted that she would need to take things a lot slower before she could come to a decision like that. Peter agreed that he would do everything at her pace and respect her every wish. However, only days later, Peter witnessed Julieís vindictive side when she had an argument with her fatherís girlfriend, Anna Rossi. He went to see her the following day and explained that he hoped that one day she would be able to allow her father some happiness, before leaving her life for good.

Biography by Steve



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