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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Anna Rossi Roslyn Gentle

Anna Rossi 1985
Parents: Franco and Anna Rossi
Siblings: Maria Ramsay
Marital Status: Gino (1985-)

As her immigrant parents faced many problems in Australia, Anna was too young to remember most of their troubles. She was sheltered by her family, as well as her sisterís new husband, Max Ramsay. Later in life, Anna became involved with a man named Gino, who looked after her well, built her a home and made sure that she continued to be protected from harm.

When Shane and Danny Ramsay were involved in a car accident, Anna travelled to Erinsborough to support her sister. She arrived to find the Ramsay house empty, but luckily neighbour Jim Robinson spotted her and invited her in. As she realised that her two nephews were going to be fine, she thought about leaving. However, her new friendship with Jim had developed into a relationship, so Anna stuck around a while longer. Sadly, Julie was not very accepting of her fatherís new woman and set about sabotaging the relationship. It didnít take long to turn Lucy against Anna aswell, but it seemed that Jim was about to lose her anyway.

Over lunch one day, Anna admitted to Jim that she felt extremely guilty about Gino. She decided that she would return to Queensland, and Jim offered to drive her to the airport. However, once they got there, Jim convinced her to stay with him. Julie was horrified when Jim returned to Ramsay Street with Anna, and further problems ensued when Jim announced the coupleís engagement. It then also became clear that Max was also disapproving of the relationship. He told Jim that Anna needed someone more like Gino, someone with no baggage. Nonetheless, the couple threw an engagement party at the Ramsay house. During the party, Julie launched into a vicious tyrade against Anna, which led Anna to realise that she couldnít cope with the fact that she was tearing the Robinson family apart. At dinner, she announced that she was returning to Queensland and would not be returning. A week later, Anna and Gino were married, putting paid to Jimís last hopes of a reconciliation.

Biography by Steve



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