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Sandra Kriptic 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016
Children: Lorna
Occupation: Nurse at Erinsborough Hospital

Nurse Sandra Kriptic first fell foul of Dr Rhys Lawson when he failed to score a place on the hospital's surgery programme, and angrily took his bad mood out on her. Earlier that day, Sandra and her nursing colleagues had been admiring Rhys, due to a newspaper article about him saving the life of mechanic Chris Pappas, so his outburst came as a shock and reduced her to tears. A few months later, Rhys was slightly more pleasant to Sandra, when he brought his disabled mother Elaine to visit his place of work. Later in the year, Rhys was back to his moody self as he demanded test results from Sandra, having injured his hand and hoping to find out if he would ever be able to operate again.

Sandra also spoke to fellow nurse Aidan Foster, who was trying to quietly help Andrew Robinson. Andrew had been suffering fits after injuring his head in a car accident, but didn't want his father to know, so Aidan had arranged for him to have the overnight tests, and was alarmed when Sandra told him that Andrew had failed to turn up.

A couple of years later, Sandra had been assisting in an operation to remove a lump from Georgia's throat. When the stitches opened up only a few hours after the operation, Georgia was taken back in to repair the problem, and Dr Karl Kennedy was pleased with Sandra's performance, but when he asked her about the initial operation, performed by Jessica Girdwood, Sandra immediately clammed up, making Karl suspicious.

A few weeks later, Sandra walked into Harold's Store with her young daughter Lorna, and immediately received a 'free hug' from Imogen Willis. Imogen and Daniel Robinson had been giving out hugs to the locals in an attempt to cheer everyone up after the recent tornado and 'coward punch' that had left Chris Pappas in hospital once again. Lorna then asked Daniel if she could have a hug too, and seeing him with the little girl only worsened Imogen's crush on Daniel, her best friend's fiance.

The following year, Sandra was on duty when Toadie was rushed in, having leapt onto a bouncy castle as it came loose from its ropes, wrongly believing that his young daughter Nell was inside. After landing awkwardly on his back, Toadie was unable to feel his legs, with the doctors unsure whether it was just temporary swelling, or if he'd managed to dislodge a bullet fragment that had been in his spine for a decade, after he was shot in the back by Guy Sykes.

When an explosion occurred at Lassiter's Hotel in 2016, the mysterious John Doe was left seriously injured and in a coma, after jumping in front of Paige Smith to shelter her from the blast. When Paige arrived to see him, nurse Sandra explained that the medical staff had no idea who he was, as he had no form of identification with him. Later, Paige returned and caught Nene Williams about to treat John Doe. Aware that Nene was the nurse who'd worked with her grandfather Doug and, due to her problem with mental illness, was no longer nursing, she raised the alarm. Nene quickly slipped away, and Sandra, who'd been led to believe that Nene was an agency nurse, checked on the patient.

Trivia Notes
The actress playing Sandra was credited as Kim Hateley during 2012, and as Kim King in later appearances

6313, 6374, 6479, 6487, 6957, 6981, 7187, 7338

Biography by Steve