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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Kenny Larkin Russell Crowe

Kenny Larkin 1987
Siblings: BB

After filling in for a shift behind the bar at The Waterhole, and watching Kenny Larkin practising his darts all morning, Henry Ramsay decided to make some easy money and bet Kenny $50 that he could beat him. During the lunch hour, Kenny brought his sister, BB, to the pub, and pretended that he was teaching her to play, as she was so bad. Later that evening, Kenny and BB, along with his mates, returned, explaining that Kenny had injured his arm, so BB would be replacing him. As BB barely hit the dart board, and with Kenny’s encouragement, Henry decided to double the bet to $100, before realising that he’d been hustled and losing his cash.

A few days later, having struck up a friendship with BB and fallen out with his family, Henry decided to move out of home and in with BB and Kenny at the flat they shared. Soon after, BB was busy hustling more men at the pub on an evening out with Henry and Kenny. When Henry put down a $50 note on the table, as he took his turn on the dart board, Kenny had a quick look at it and memorized the last three digits of its serial number. Later that night, after Henry had used the note to pay for a round of drinks, Kenny bought one for himself, then claimed that Henry’s mother, Madge, had short-changed him, as he’d given her a $50 note, not $5. Madge insisted that she would never make such a mistake, but, when hotel manager Paul Robinson came in, and Kenny told them the last three digits of the serial number, Madge was forced to give Kenny an extra $45 in change.

The next day, Paul called Madge to his office and admitted that she’d been right, as the previous night’s takings were down by $45. Since Henry had only been out of prison for a few months, Paul began to wonder if he and Kenny had been in on the scheme together. When Paul called him in, and threatened him with the sack, Henry was determined to prove his innocence and headed home to confront Kenny. Kenny denied the accusations completely, but BB wasn’t so sure, admitting that it wouldn’t be the first time that her brother had pulled a stunt like that. Determined to get to the truth, Henry turned violent, slamming Kenny against a wall until he finally admitted everything. BB then accompanied Henry back to Lassiter’s to explain things to Paul, and she also decided that it would be better if Henry moved back home, as Kenny would no longer make him welcome at the flat.

The following week, Henry found himself at the centre of a smear campaign, when all of the clients whose gardens he tended to found themselves receiving notes, claiming that Henry was an ex-criminal and only doing their gardens so he could case their houses. Henry quickly realised that the last time he’d seen his appointment book was when he was living with Kenny and BB, and, with BB’s help, he found it in Kenny’s bedside table. After asking BB not to tip her brother off about what he knew, Henry met Kenny outside The Waterhole the next day, where Kenny proceeded to insult Henry and his family and admit that he felt no remorse for almost destroying Henry’s gardening business. A fight then broke out, with Paul, who happened to be passing, breaking it up and barring Kenny from the Lassiter’s grounds for good.

Biography by Steve



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