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Ed Lee 2012
Occupation: Maths Student

Self-confessed maths nerd Ed Lee had a difficult beginning to his relationship with waitress Tash Williams at Charlie's bar. After writing some maths equations on a napkin, Ed was trying to ask Tash if he could get another one, but she mistakenly believed that he was trying to give her his number, and she snapped at him. When she found out what he was really doing, maths genius Tash tried to help him, but Ed refused, saying that the problem would be too difficult for her. When Ed left to go to the toilet, Tash couldn't resist and solved the problem. Ed was very impressed, and suggested that she come along to a maths club at the community centre, but Tash refused, explaining that she didn't really enjoy showing the nerdy side of her personality to people. But, having recently dropped out of her arts course at university, Tash was keen to find something she was good at, and she went along, only to quickly leave when she spotted Ed and his geeky mates. Ed saw her leave, however, and confronted her, saying that she obviously felt inferior around such intelligent people. Never one to let a challenge beat her, Tash told Ed that she had enrolled on a maths course at the uni and they were going to be classmates.

However, when Tash quickly realised that she was a little out of her depth, she reluctantly agreed to let Ed help her get up to speed before the next semester. Ed and Tash soon found that they were getting on well, and he used card games to show her practical ways of applying the maths to everyday life. But after Tash received an official warning at work, after she and Ed set up a card game to prove that the 'house always wins', they decided to set up their next game at the men's shed to gather statistics. Everything seemed to be going well until Lucas, owner of the shed and recovering gambling addict, turned up and demanded that they shut down and give everyone their money back.

Tash's friend, amateur entrepreneur Andrew Robinson was impressed with their scheme, however, and realised that the mathematical theory could be used in another way, suggesting that they create an app to help people to calculate their odds in any gambling situation. He persuaded Tash to talk to Ed about doing the programming, but he wasn't keen, until Tash joined in with his viking LARPing session and then decided against taking down a photograph of herself on Facebook, dressed as a Norse warrior. Ed helped to create the app, and a grateful Tash then agreed to join him at a comic book swap meet, getting herself into trouble when she opened a sealed comic, leaving Ed to pay $190 to get her out of the situation. When the app was finally created and launched, Tash was upset when Andrew tried to keep socially awkward Ed away from any of the journalists they were meeting, and, accepting that he'd been nothing more than a 'code monkey', Ed took a cheque and decided to have nothing more to do with the project. Realising that Ed meant more to her than just a maths tutor, Tash tracked him down, dressed in her full warrior outfit, to apologise, but when she told Ed that they were still just friends, he backed off from her once again.

When the Odds On app caught the attention of a casino conglomerate and they offered $25,000 to buy out Andrew and Tash, she went to Ed for advice. He pointed out that the casinos would lose money if they app was a success, so they probably wanted to buy it so they could bury it. Though sales were slow, Tash decided not to accept the offer, and Ed was happy when he found out that she'd taken his advice and went to see her, asking her out on a date and delighted when she accepted. Andrew, meanwhile, received an increased offer of $50,000 and, with Tash still refusing to accept, he forged her signature and sold the app. The truth was kept from Tash and Ed until, soon after, they, along with Andrew, Chris and Summer were on their way to a gig, a birthday gift for Andrew, when they found Andrew's younger cousin Sophie in the car boot, desperate to join them. Tension soon arose in the overloaded car when the cheque from the casinos was found in Andrew's wallet, an argument broke out, and Chris crashed the car. Tash was unharmed, but Ed had badly hurt his arm, though the incident did make Tash realise how important he had become to her, and she went to see him in his hospital bed, where they shared a kiss.

With Ed out of hospital, he and Tash went on a date to a nightclub, but it quickly became apparent that he didn't enjoy the dancing or the noise. The next date, at a magic show, ended badly too, as Tash became tired of Ed loudly talking about how all the tricks were done. When they couldn't even agree on a film to watch together, Tash began to wonder if they simply didn't have anything in common, but Ed went to get their course books and reminded her that they could still study together, and it would be interesting to learn new things through each other's interests. The following week, Ed told Tash that his old friend Toni was visiting from Sydney, and believing it to be a male friend, Tash happily agreed to join them for lunch. When Tash realised that it was actually a female friend, and that they seemed to have a lot in common, and plenty of shared memories to laugh about, Tash grew jealous. She started to overcompensate, calling Ed 'babe' and annoying Toni in the process, who promptly left, with Ed upset over Tash's behaviour, and forced to remind Tash that she was his girlfriend, and soon they'd have their own shared history to laugh about.

Things seemed to be going well for Tash and Ed, though he was perturbed when she lied about her whereabouts to go and help with the Uni Ball organising committee. Thinking that she was ashamed of him, Tash explained that it was actually the Uni Ball she was embarrassed about, believing that Ed would find it shallow and pointless. She was surprised when he agreed to help her to sell some tickets, but later alarmed when she saw the powder blue suit that he'd bought for the occasion. Determined that he couldn't be seen out in it, Tash, on the day of the ball, resorted to spilling coffee on it and suggesting he wear an old suit that had once belonged to Zeke Kinski instead. Ed went along with it, believing everything that Tash had told him about Summer being the one who spilt the coffee but later, at the ball, he found out that Summer didn't drink coffee due to her heart condition. He soon realised that Tash was still struggling with his image, calling her shallow and stupid. At the end of the evening, the pair met up to talk about their problems, realising that they were just too different to ever work as a couple, and ending the relationship for good.

Trivia Notes
Sebastian Gregory previously appeared in Neighbours in 2006 as Garrett Burns

6420, 6421, 6427, 6428, 6434, 6435, 6438, 6442, 6449, 6453, 6454, 6455, 6456, 6459, 6464, 6465, 6471, 6472, 6473, 6476, 6477, 6482, 6485, 6487, 6497, 6501

Biography by Steve