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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Raylene Manson Sharon Kershaw

Raylene Manson 2005

Stuart Parker’s religious Aunt Raylene came to the city from Oakey for a church convention and she decided to take the opportunity to meet up with Stu’s new fiancee, Sindi Watts, whilst she was in the area. Sindi and Stu were forced to do some quick talking, pretending that they’d met at church and dressing Sindi in far more conservative clothes than she normally wore. The couple then mentioned their local vicar, Father O’Neill and, as she left, Raylene mentioned that she’d be staying in the area for a few more days and would like to return and meet the Father. Stuart somehow managed to talk his housemate, Connor, into dressing up as the vicar and it seemed that Raylene had fallen for the scam, despite interruptions from Toadie – who they passed off as a mentally unstable friend – and Serena – who they claimed worked in Father O’Neill’s charity shop. However, the following morning, as they walked Raylene to the bus station, Sindi and Stu passed by Bounce bikini shop, where Toadie, Connor and Serena all worked. Raylene soon spotted Connor helping a young lady try on a bikini and delivered him a slap for impersonating a priest. Luckily though, Stu’s parents saw the funny side of the situation.

Notes: Sharon Kershaw previously played Jean Hopley in 2000.

Biography by Steve



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