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Gus Martinez 2018
Parents: Jane
Siblings: Tia

When Kirsha Rebecchi lost her hearing after an accident with some fireworks, her friend Jimmy Williams was determined to help, trying to raise money to buy a watch that would help her to translate what people were saying. When school bully Tia Martinez heard that he was looking for some extra cash, she told him that he should take advantage of the fact that he lived in the penthouse of Lassiter's hotel, and get his hands on some of the small bottles of alcohol from the minibars, which her brother Gus would be happy to buy from him. Jimmy decided to go along with it, stealing some bottles from the housekeeping trolley that was being used by his friend Xanthe, who had a part-time housekeeping job. Gus then insisted that he wanted more, so Jimmy took a hotel mastercard and swiped some more from a room, though he insisted that he was only doing this until he had the money he needed, though Gus said that Jimmy would have to keep doing it, or he'd dob him in. However, when it looked like Xanthe was going to be expelled from school and lose her job at the hotel, Jimmy was forced to come clean about what he'd been doing, leaving him in serious trouble.

A few weeks later, Kirsha's older sister Yashvi attended a work experience day with Gus and AFL player Ellie Blackburn, as she had recently discovered a talent for football and wanted to see if she could make a career out of it. Gus was unimpressed with her presence, as she'd barely played the game for a month, whereas he'd been playing since he was six years old and was on the school team. At first, Yashvi allowed herself to be intimidated by Gus and feigned injury to get out of the training exercises with Ellie, but after a call to her Uncle Toadie, she decided to give it her all, and by the end of the day, Ellie was impressed with both of them, but singled out Yashvi for her skills.

Episodes Featured
7764, 7801

Biography by Steve