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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Victor McMillan Desmond Connellan

Victor McMillan 2001
Occupation: Doctor

An old friend of Darcy Tyler from medical school, Dr Victor McMillan was drafted in by Darcy to cover some shifts at the practice where he was a partner with his uncle, Karl Kennedy. Having talked Karl into hiring Victor, Darcy told his old friend to get matey with his new boss and slowly integrate himself into the practice, in the hope that he, too, would be made a partner. Darcy then explained that, once they were both partners, they could comfortably take over the busy and sell it off as a superpractice, making millions. Darcy’s girlfriend, Tess Bell, overheard this conversation, but Darcy managed to talk himself out of the situation, and Victor made sure to get Karl on side, even putting forward the idea of running an acupuncture clinic, again at the suggestion of Darcy.

Meanwhile, during a singles night at Lou’s pub, Victor met Dee Bliss, Darcy’s ex-girlfriend who he had cheated on when he first started seeing Tess. Having seen Darcy and Victor together, Dee decided to get a little revenge on her ex by hooking up with his mate, and giving the fake name of Danielle Becker. Before long, Victor was smitten and, although he had to leave the singles night early, they met up soon after for a double date, with Dee’s ex, Joel Samuels and his date, Stella Powers. It wasn’t long before Stella noticed that Joel was jealous of Dee and Victor and she walked out. Joel soon followed, warning Dee that she was taking things too far and shouldn’t have dragged Victor into her revenge on Darcy. Later, as they continued drinking together, Victor mentioned to Dee that he was soon going to be part of a superpractice in the Lassiter’s complex, but before he could say more, Darcy turned up, exposed Dee for who she really was and dragged Victor away. But it was too late, as Dee knew enough to work out the rest, and it wasn’t long before she forced Darcy into telling Karl his entire plan.

Biography by Steve



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