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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Letitia McNair Shelley Krape

Letitia McNair 2006, 2007
Parents: Deidre
Occupation: Manufacturer

When Paul Robinson and Lyn Scully were attempting to sell an idea for a baby utility belt to manufacturers, they met mother and daughter business team, Deidre and Letitia McNair. Although impressed with the projections, they weren’t convinced until Lyn started talking about her young son, Oscar, when they agreed to sign in on the deal. Later that day, a jealous Lyn spotted Paul and Letitia in the reception of Lassiter’s Hotel and was disappointed when she realised that he’d booked the penthouse suite to spend the evening with Letitia and not her. As Letitia said hi to ‘Gwen’, Lyn returned the favour by calling her love rival, ‘Lolita’.

A few months later, having won the heart of Lyn and then dumped her only hours after their wedding, Paul was busy moving on with Lassiter's new business apprentice Rosetta Cammeniti. However, he faced competition for her affections from her housemate Frazer Yeats and, after an evening of trying very hard to impress her, he mentioned that he'd booked the presidential suite for them. Rosie was horrified by his presumptiousness and walked out on him, so he phoned Letitia as a replacement. However, soon after she arrived, Paul admitted that he couldn't stop thinking about Rosie and gave Letitia the keys to the suite, telling her that it was all hers for the night.

Biography by Steve



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