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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Miss Davidson Carmel Millhouse

Miss Davidson 1986
Occupation: Headmistress

As the headmistress of Nikki Dennisonís boarding school, Miss Davidson was on hand when Nikki had some serious problems and decided to quit. She was surprised when Nikki announced that her mother could no longer keep up with the payments, as the cost of running her country mansion had increased. Miss Davidson accepted this and got in touch with Nikkiís aunt, Helen Daniels, who she believed would be signing the relevant forms. She was therefore surprised to learn that Laura Dennison, Nikkiís mother, was on her way down to the school. When Laura arrived, Miss Davidson made it quite clear that she was entirely aware of Nikkiís lies about her parentage, but assured Laura that, in every other way, Nikki was a wonderful pupil. She agreed to have a chat to Nikki and try to come to some sort of arrangement. When Nikki returned, Miss Davidson showed her a portrait of her father and explained that he was a working class man, but she was not ashamed of this. She told Nikki that she would be able to stay at the school if it was what she wanted, giving her half an hour to make her decision. However, Nikki was adamant, and left the school that afternoon for the last time.

Biography by Steve



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