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Debbie Morris 1987

Whilst ordering lunch in the Coffee Shop one day, Henry Ramsay was surprised when the girl on the table next to him threw a screwed-up ball of paper in his direction. He opened it up and read it, before approaching the girl and saying that she must feel pretty awful about Andrew dumping her like that. The girl, Debbie, was shocked that Henry had read her private mail, but he reminded her that she threw it at him, so he had every right. Debbie explained that Andrew hadn’t really dumped her, he was just confused about his feelings, but Henry said that it sounded like the relationship was over. Debbie explained that she’d met Andrew in her home town of Adelaide, whilst he was on holiday there, and she had hoped, now that she was joining him in Erinsborough, that he would propose. As she complained to Henry about facing her family and friends with the news that she’d been dumped, he offered to buy her lunch and, by the end of it, she realised that it had been nothing more than a holiday romance with Andrew and she’d been a fool to think otherwise.

After lunch, Henry took her on a tour of Lassiter’s and its grounds, as he completed his gardening jobs. Debbie even offered to watch as Henry mowed the lawns, but then struggled to get the mower working. As Debbie impressed Henry by fixing it, Henry’s mother, Madge, spotted the two of them and pointed out to her son that it didn’t take him long to get over his last girlfriend, Melanie Pearson, who’d left him only days before. Henry, however, was determined not to let Debbie get away and was in the process of asking her out to dinner when she suddenly spotted Andrew across the car park and ran over to hug him. Soon after, she found an upset Henry and apologised for running off. She explained that Andrew didn’t mean what he’d said in the letter and was just scared of her getting too serious with him. She told Henry that she and Andrew were returning to Adelaide that evening, and thanked Henry for being such a nice guy, telling him that he’d find his perfect woman one day.

Notes: This character was originally intended to be a cameo role for heart transplant survivor Fiona Coote, but, due to illness, she was forced to pull out the night before filming, and Andrea Blaski stepped in at the last minute.

Biography by Steve



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