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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Jacinta Myers Caroline Morgan

Jacinta Myers 1997, 1998
Occupation: Student

Jacinta wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, as Lance Wilkinson and Amy Greenwood discovered. Before dating Lance, Amy was the undisputed queen bee of Erinsborough High. Like every queen bee, Amy had her fair share of drones - and Jacinta was one of them. Though Jacinta was Amy's best friend, she never took to Lance, proclaiming him as a "nerd", and saying that he ruined their image of being the coolest kids in school. She could never accept him into the group, no matter how hard Amy tried.

Deep down, Jacinta was jealous that her best friend had been taken from her. One day in school, Lance had the audacity to answer a question correctly, provoking Jacinta to bitchily retort "suck any harder Lance and we'll have to put wheels on you and use you as a vacuum cleaner". Lance, being on the ball, responded with "Did everyone just hear that? Jacinta actually strung some words together and made a sentence. Maybe her brain is finally starting to develop!" This enraged Jacinta. Being humiliated in front of her friends and classmates was not something to be brushed aside without so much as a second thought. So she plotted her revenge. Amy and Lance were busy working on a newsletter about the school closure for the students to read. When they took the first batch to their lockers, Jacinta and her cohort, Mitch, snuck into the photocopying room and switched one of the pages over. In its place was a crude illustration of head teacher Susan Kennedy, drawn by Lance.

The next day, Lance and Amy handed out their newsletters, unaware of the page swap. When Susan saw the newsletter she immediately suspended Lance, as the school was being evaluated and she wanted to look like the bee's knees in front of the inspectors. When Amy and Lance then met up with Jacinta’s ally Cara in the coffee shop, she admitted that Jacinta may have had something to do with the newsletter debacle. Later that day, Jacinta was confronted by Lance in the school corridor. She smugly exclaimed that she knew nothing about it, and despite Amy telling her that Lance had been suspended over it, she still wouldn't reveal anything. When Susan saw Lance on school grounds, he tried to explain to her he was attempting to get to the bottom of the newsletter incident. She asked the three of them to get into the classroom to sort out the mess. Jacinta explained that she knew nothing about it - and when Lance couldn't provide any proof, Jacinta got off scot-free.

However, unbeknownst to Jacinta, Amy and Lance had hatched a plan to trick her into revealing what happened. They staged a public break up outside the coffee shop, and Jacinta believed it was genuine. She accepted Amy back into the group, and began to spill the beans about how it was her who sabotaged Lance's newsletter. Amy had no proof to clear Lance, however, so Toadie Rebecchi wired her up with a tape recorder. Jacinta thought it was strange Amy wanted to know all about it again, but told her anyway. Luckily for Jacinta, the tape was chewed up in Ruth Wilkinson's old stereo system. But Toadie would not rest until the "curly haired cow" got her comeuppance, so whilst Jacinta sat with Amy at lunch the next day, Toadie filmed them from the tree above. Right at the last minute he slipped and almost fell from the tree. He managed to cling on whilst Jacinta revealed all for a third time, and once Susan found out, she halted Lance's suspension, and Amy and Jacinta never spoke again.

However, Jacinta continued to cause trouble around the school, making herself even more unpopular. So when she began gloating to Anne Wilkinson during a school swimming carnival, Anne hatched a plan with Caitlin Atkins to bring her down a peg or two. Since Caitlin was an extremely accomplished swimmer, the girls planned to switch places at the last minute, leaving Jacinta to still believe that she was racing her weaker opponent, Anne. The plan succeeded, and once again Jacinta was left looking the fool.

Biography by Billy



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