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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Jan Nugent Gillian Hardy

Jan Nugent 2001
Children: Bianca

The over-protective mother of Michelle Scully’s best friend, Bianca, Jan Nugent was horrified when her daughter started having nightmares as the result of watching a horror movie at the Scully house. She was then shocked to realise that Bianca and Michelle had been left home alone, as Michelle’s older sister, Felicity, had snuck out to see her secret boyfriend. Things only got worse a few days later, when Michelle and Bianca were out together and Bianca fell down a storm drain. Although she wasn’t badly injured, and was rescued by Michelle’s father, Joe, it was the final straw for Jan. She banned Bianca from seeing Michelle and it was several weeks before the two friends were allowed to see each other again.

Notes: Gillian Hardy previously played Maureen Suleyman in 1997, June Lambert in 1998 and Pam Arnott in 1998 and 1999.

Biography by Steve



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