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Chantelle Rebecchi 2007
Marital Status: Kevin [Stonefish] Rebecchi
Family Tree: Rebecchi
Occupation: Roadhouse Worker

Brash country girl Chantelle met Kevin Rebecchi, better known as Stonefish, at the roadhouse run by his family, and it wasn't long before the pair were married. Chantelle and Stonie were often left running the business while his parents, Angie and Big Kev, went off touring the country and that, combined with their difficulty in conceiving and starting their own family, led to problems in the marriage. Feeling like he'd failed as a husband, Stonie sank into a depression, at first turning to alcohol for support, then he began smoking pot, and, when Chantelle realised, she threw him out of the house. Stonie went to stay with his little brother, Toadie, a successful lawyer, and his girlfriend Steph Scully, while Chantelle continued running the roadhouse until Angie and Kev returned. She then followed him down to Erinsborough, where he had also outstayed his welcome, and he apologised for everything, assuring his wife that he was trying his best to kick his habit. Chantelle was glad to hear it, but warned him that it would take more than that to save their marriage, and decided that they needed a holiday of their own, so they'd be sticking around in Ramsay Street for a few more days.

After helping out around the house for a few days, and assisting Steph in the final stages of her bid for local council, Chantelle was satisfied that Stonie had turned over a new leaf, but he was slipping back into old habits, contacting his old high school friend Brad Dawson to score more pot. But, back at the house, he had a change of heart and threw it in the bin, only for Steph's young son Charlie to get into it. Unsure of whether Charlie had consumed anything, Stonie rushed him to hospital and Steph was called in, with everyone horrified at the situation. Fortunately, Charlie was given a clean bill of health, but the incident made him realise that he needed help, and Chantelle agreed to stand by him as the pair headed back home so he could start seeing a counsellor.

Episodes Featured
5283, 5286, 5287

Biography by Steve