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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Liam Rigby Damien Bodie

Liam Rigby 1999
Parents: Natalie
Occupation: Student

Having grown up without a father, Liam Rigby became used to having his mother, Natalie, to himself. When Natalie became involved with one of the barmen, Joel Samuels, at the club that she managed, she tried to keep this information from her son, to spare his feelings. However, one day in the Coffee Shop, Natalie came in to give Liam his lunch that hed left at home. Tad Reeves and Paul McClain recognised Natalie as Joels girlfriend and they asked Liam how he felt about his mum going out with such a young guy. Unfortunately, Liam had been completely in the dark and was furious, especially as someone else had had to break the news to him. Liam went to Joels home in Ramsay Street and told him that he should stay away from his mother. Joel felt terrible for the effect he was having on Liam and told Natalie that they should break up.

Notes: Damien Bodie previously played Charlie Moyes in 1996 and returned to the show in 2005 in the regular role of Dylan Timmins.

Biography by Steve



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