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Dylan Kim Timmins 2005-2007
Lived: 26, 28 Ramsay Street, West Waratah Caravan Park
Born: 1986
Parents: Kim and Janelle Timmins
Siblings: Dwayne, Brandon, Scott [Stingray], Janae and Anne; Bree (adoptive)
Children: Kerry
Family Tree: Timmins
Occupation: Student, Assistant to Paul Robinson, Hot Dog Seller, Co-Manager of Lucinda's Cafe, Chef

Growing up in a family like the Timminses, it was little surprise to anyone when young Dylan went off the rails and ended up in juvenile detention, having been caught shoplifting. Whilst inside, he heard about his younger brother, Scott, moving to Erinsborough and making a go of his life, with help from his teacher, Susan Smith. Upon his release, Dylan decided to head there himself, in the hope of making a fresh start.

As soon as he arrived in town, Dylan showed his rarely-seen soft side when he stood up for a small dog that was being thrown out of the community hall. Later that day, he turned up on Susan’s doorstep and explained who he was, before impressing her and Scott’s girlfriend, Serena Bishop, as he told them of his plans. However, when Scott, or Stingray as he had become known, returned home, he didn’t stop to listen to any explanations and punched his brother in the mouth. Dylan accepted this, admitting that he’d often used his younger brother as a punching bag when they were growing up, but Susan managed to convince Stingray to put the past behind him and give his brother another chance. Dylan told them that he’d be staying with his mate, Johnno, before secretly hatching a plot to move in at number 28. When Susan was walking through the park to work the next morning, Dylan emerged looking rather the worse for wear and she assumed that he’d slept there. Although he’d only arrived there a few minutes earlier and roughed himself up a little, and he attempted to deny the whole thing, Susan insisted that he move in with her.

That day, Dylan started at Erinsborough High, in the hope of finally completing year 12. He also bought himself a car with some money his father had given to him and encouraged Stingray and Serena to wag school. When they arrived at lunchtime, Dylan lied to Susan, claiming that there had been an injured dog that he’d had to look after and she let them both off. But when a guilty Stingray owned up later that day, Susan began to realise that Dylan might prove to be harder to control than his younger sibling. Still determined to make something of himself, Dylan began taking a keen interest when local businessman Paul Robinson started teaching extra classes at the school. Amidst all this, however, he couldn’t resist interfering when he spotted local dog-catcher Dean Finch at work. When the man’s back was turned, he let out all of the dogs and quickly disappeared. Soon after, he spotted Finch at work again, but Stingray managed to prevent him from doing anything rash, not wanting to see his brother back behind bars. However, when Audrey, Susan’s dog, was caught, the brothers went to the pound, under cover of darkness, and let all of the dogs out. They narrowly avoided being caught, but when Susan heard about Audrey’s capture and the incident at the pound, she realised who’d been behind it and warned the boys that they were on their final chance.

Dylan was thrilled when his mother, Janelle, came to Erinsborough to work as an apprentice at Lyn Scully’s salon. Janelle insisted that both of her boys move in with her at the Scully place, but only Dylan went, with Stingray opting to stay behind and keep Susan company a little longer. Dylan went out of his way to please his mum, but she only had time for her “Scotty”, the success story of the two brothers, even admitting that Dylan only reminded her of her loser husband, Kim. Realising that he had the chance to impress Janelle on her birthday, Dylan went out and bought her a ring, but once again, the gesture got thrown back in his face and he returned to living at number 28. Janelle almost walked out herself, until Steph Hoyland told her that she should never give up on her kids, no matter what they’d done.

It looked like Dylan had found himself a new role model when Paul asked him to do some work for him – clearing some squatters from an area he planned to develop into a housing project. As Dylan impressed Paul with this job and with his work in the classes at the school, Paul offered him a job as his right-hand man. Dylan happily accepted, but warned his new boss that he would never do anything to harm any member of his family. Complete with a new suit, bought with money given to him by Paul, Dylan returned home later that day to find that Janelle had maxed out her credit card to buy bikes for her two boys, as a peace offering. Dylan, however, wasn’t quite ready to make up and threw the gift back in her face, telling her that he didn’t need it when he was making something of himself, thanks to Paul. However, when Janelle decided to make her stay at number 26 more permanent, she asked Stingray and Dylan to move in there with her. Dylan was adamant that he would stay put, but when Stingray decided to go, Dylan was slowly won round. A trip to Eden Hills, rummaging through people’s hard rubbish collections finally brought the family back together and, with the arrival of younger sisters Janae and Bree, the Timmins family were finally reunited.

Despite having most of his family around him, Dylan still lacked a father figure and began to look up to Paul more and more. When Paul ordered Dylan to start following Izzy Hoyland, who appeared to have worked out all of Paul’s schemes, Dylan happily obliged, parking himself outside of her business, the Scarlet Bar. However, he made a mess of things on the first night when he got distracted by Sky Mangel, a neighbour who he had a serious crush on. Sky confided that her boyfriend, Boyd, had kissed her cousin, Serena and she didn’t know what to do. Dylan comforted her and they ended up sharing a kiss, at which point a confused Sky ran off and Dylan realised that he’d completely missed Izzy leaving the bar. The following morning, Dylan parked himself outside the flat which Izzy had shared with Karl Kennedy and where the pair of them had retreated to. Unfortunately for Dylan, Izzy spotted him and quickly put an end to the spying. Meanwhile, relations between the Timmins and Bishop families had reached an all-time low with the family looking down on their new lower class neighbours. When Dylan spotted Serena's dad, David hassling Bree, he decided that he’d had enough. Breaking into number 24, Dylan found some golf clubs and, in a moment of madness, he completely trashed the house. Fortunately for Dylan, Paul spotted him soon after and agreed to provide an alibi.

When Dylan’s old mate, Roo Hausman, arrived fresh out of jail, Dylan looked set to go back to his old ways. The two of them had been partners in crime in Colac and Roo wanted Dylan’s help in robbing the Scarlet Bar. Dylan confided in Paul, admitting that he was torn between his loyalties to his mentor and his old mate. At the last minute, Dylan called the cops and had Roo arrested. As Dylan continued to try to prove himself, he started to look up to his older cousin, Toadie, who’d been a rebel at school but had managed to become a lawyer in recent years. In an attempt to impress Toadie one day, Dylan approached him with a client, Tony Reynard. Tony quickly saw through Dylan’s pretence and started mocking him, so, when Dylan saw the keys to Tony’s BMW on the table, his thoughts turned to revenge. Outside in the car park, Dylan saw the only BMW and was about to trash it when he had second thoughts. Seconds later, a thug named Blue Foggarty spotted Dylan and started taunting him about his flash car. Dylan went along with it and managed to get himself beaten up, later being found on the ground by Paul. Paul took Dylan to the bar, where he explained to him that he wouldn’t always be a victim and that he had to decide whether he wanted to just be one of the pack or someone who took risks and succeeded in life.

It wasn’t long before Dylan took his first risk and told Boyd, who’d just been released from hospital after brain surgery, that he’d kissed Sky and that Sky knew about his kiss with Serena. This caused Sky and Boyd to break up and Dylan soon saw his chance and started spending more time with her. However, despite Dylan’s best efforts, Sky said that she only wanted to be friends for the time being. When the pair heard about toxic waste being dumped into the local wetlands, they rushed to see the damage and Dylan tried in vain to save wildlife, putting his health at risk in the process. After some tests, Karl Kennedy informed him that he was now at a much higher risk of developing cancer. Dylan’s problems only made Sky more determined to prove that Paul was behind the toxic waste dumping, in order to use local land to build a shopping mall for international company, Affirmacon. Although Dylan could see the evidence, he refused to believe that his mentor was capable of such a thing. Meanwhile, Paul had been feeling guilty about destroying his old neighbourhood for a quick buck, so, when Dylan confronted him and owned up about the cancer risk, Paul decided to double-cross Affirmacon. He gave Dylan an access card to the Affirmacon offices and told him exactly where to find some damning evidence. Together, Dylan and Sky entered the offices under cover of darkness, but were forced to hide under a desk from a passing security guard, just as they’d found what they were looking for. The excitement of the moment led to them sharing their first kiss.

Despite this, Sky continued to avoid getting involved in a relationship with Dylan, even when he admitted that he loved her and wanted them to give things a try. Meanwhile, Paul’s involvement with Affirmacon led to him suddenly going missing as his double dealings were exposed to the community. Dylan still refused to believe that Paul was entirely evil and set out with Sky to track him down. They eventually found him out in the bush, close to death and Dylan refused to leave the hospital until he knew that Paul was ok. When it emerged that Paul would need his leg amputated to stop the spread of infection, Dylan was horrified when he announced that he’d rather die and wouldn’t sign the consent forms. Realising that time was running out, Dylan forged Paul’s signature and took the brunt of his anger when he awoke from the operation and realised what had happened. Meanwhile, Dylan was also working hard to win over Sky, holding a romantic dinner party for her. However, when Stingray crashed the party, a fight broke out and Sky was horrified to see Dylan’s behaviour. As she tried to forgive him, Stingray blurted out to her that Dylan had been the one who trashed the Bishop house. Sky was left confused over whether to stand by Dylan or report him to the police, but when she saw him playing with Oscar Scully in the backyard of number 26 one afternoon, she realised that he wasn’t all bad. She agreed to give him another chance and the couple finally got together, with Dylan promising that he would do his best to keep his temper in check.

With Paul out of hospital and moved into number 22 and Dylan keeping to his promise of calming his temper, things finally seemed to be settling down for Dylan and Sky. However, when Sky mistakenly thought that Dylan was inexperienced with girls, his macho pride took over and he presented her with a list of all of the girls he’d ever slept with. A hurt Sky ended things between them, but gradually started to regret it and she asked him to her 18th birthday party, which had a theme that involved dressing up as whatever you wanted to be as a child. When Dylan overheard an excited Sky opening a card and gift from her close friend, Lana Crawford, he became upset that she didn’t love him so strongly. On the morning after the party, Dylan dressed up as an Indian and presented Sky with a list of all the girls he’d ever loved – with only her name listed. The damage was instantly repaired and the couple quickly picked up where they left off. However, that soon changed when Janae’s ex-boyfriend, Mike Pill, noticed Dylan’s change in temperament and started trying to provoke him. After receiving a nasty beating outside the General Store, Dylan tried to ignore Mike, and follow Sky’s wishes, but eventually it got too much for him. Dylan turned to Sky’s ex-boyfriend, Boyd Hoyland, who had been training in the martial art of aikido, and secretly started having lessons in the hope that he would be able to beat Mike and prove his manhood. With Sky also finally in the know, the day of the big fight arrived, but, on the advice of Boyd, Dylan managed to move quickly, dodging Mike’s fists, until his rival was worn out. Dylan then grabbed him and told him that the fight was over, and Mike was going to walk away, leaving Sky very impressed with Dylan’s use of non-violent tactics.

With the 20th anniversary of Lassiter’s approaching, Paul asked Dylan to come up with some plans for a big event. Facing competition from Paul’s newly-arrived daughter, Elle, Dylan came up with an extravagant 40s-style flight from Melbourne to Tasmania. Paul loved the idea and the wheels were set in motion. However, as Dylan was finally getting his life together, Roo suddenly made an appearance, kidnapping Stingray and forcing Dylan to rob a service station at gunpoint. Although it was starting to look like the brothers might get away with it, Roo wasn’t about to let that happen and he made an anonymous tip-off to the police, telling them where the gun was. Paul agreed to help Dylan and, as they left for the flight to Tasmania, warned him that he might never be able to return home. With Stingray in questioning, the flight took off just in time for Dylan to get away, but Paul warned him that the police would be waiting in Launceston to arrest him. Sadly, they didn’t get that far, as a bomb exploded on the plane and it crashed into Bass Strait. Washed up on a deserted beach, Dylan was helped by Connor O’Neill, another Ramsay Street resident who’d been in the crash. Both believing that they’d lost their girlfriends and neither wanting to return home, they decided to avoid being found and let everyone think that they were dead. Although Dylan adapted quickly to his new surroundings, catching fish and starting campfires, Connor struggled, but soon the pair were surviving, alone, unaware of the pain they were causing their friends and families back in Erinsborough.

After several days living in the bush, Dylan and Connor found civilisation and a newspaper which mentioned the crash. Dylan was surprised to learn that Sky had survived and that Stingray was being charged with the armed robbery. He realised that he’d have to go home and clear his brother’s name, but was amazed when he got back to Erinsborough to find that everyone was otherwise occupied – at his memorial service. After watching from the sidelines, he walked up to his astonished mother, who both slapped and hugged him, before he was taken away to join his little brother on remand. Although the family was delighted to see him, Sky was disgusted by his actions and told him so. As the court case approached, Dylan decided that, by taking responsibility for everything, he could save Stingray from prison, and Stingray reluctantly agreed to the plan. However, after lying to the judge, Stingray had a sudden change of heart and told the truth, only for the brothers to both end up with prison sentences. After a few weeks, Sky realised how much she cared for him and went to visit, only to be told by Dylan that he didn’t want to see her again, as he could be inside for as long as ten years.

Meanwhile, having calmed Stingray down and helped him to cope with life in prison, the brothers were shocked when Roo walked in, having been caught and placed back inside. The surprises kept on coming when Stuart also arrived, undercover as prisoner Mick Farrow. Despite their best efforts to act innocent, Roo already knew that Stu was a cop, having seen him with Stingray in Colac and was plotting his revenge. After arranging a riot in another wing, which would lead to a lockdown, Roo encouraged ‘Mick’ to go to Stingray’s cell and beat him up. Stuart failed to go through with it and during the scuffle that followed, Dylan and Roo became locked in the cell together. Roo was armed with a knife, and Dylan slowly managed to talk him out of committing murder, getting him to own up to all of his crimes as the police listened through a bugged radio in the cell. The Timmins brothers were then freed, just in time to celebrate Christmas at home, and Sky and Dylan were reunited, agreeing to put the past few months behind them.

Despite not finishing high school, Dylan was given a chance by Paul to prove himself, when he gave him $2000 and told him to double it. Unfortunately, during a bonding trip with his father, Kim, who’d turned up in Erinsborough following news about the plane crash, the money was stolen when Kim’s combi was broken in to. Desperate to make up for the mistake, Dylan found an old hot dog cart at the local dump and decided to fix it up and turn it into a business of his own. At the same time, Paul had decided to open up a café named Lucinda’s, in direct competition to Lou and Harold, in the hope that he could close down the General Store. He offered Dylan the chance to co-manage it with Elle, and, after leaving Kim to run the cart, DylDogs, he started on his new career. However, the move upset Sky, who felt that by working for Paul, Dylan was being disloyal to her granddad. After several weeks of arguments with Sky, Dylan finally came around to her way of thinking and told Paul that he had to resign, as he didn’t agree with the cruel treatment of Harold. Paul then confided the real reason behind the vendetta – Harold, overcome by grief, had tried to strangle him and, rather than go to the police, Paul had found a more creative way to get revenge. Dylan wasn’t sure whether to believe it, but Sky’s silence made him realise that it was true and he began to wonder how many other secrets his girlfriend was capable of keeping from him.

Dylan found himself an unwitting target when Paul’s son, Robert, arrived in Erinsborough. Robert was masquerading as his identical twin, Cameron, who was actually lying in a coma in a country hospital, and was determined to make his father pay for what he saw as abandonment when he was a child. Robert planned to destroy Paul and everyone close to him, and his first victim was Dylan. Since Paul had succeeded in driving Lou and Harold out of the General Store, Elle and Dylan had been co-managing it, so Robert proceeded to plant bacteria in the fridge, causing a food poisoning outbreak, and take money from the till, making it look like Dylan and Elle weren’t being careful enough. With doubts creeping into Paul’s mind about whether he should have trusted his young protégé, Robert made his final move and sabotaged a set of shelves which Dylan had built by removing some of the screws. The shelves collapsed on top of Elle and, although she wasn’t injured, it was enough for Paul to finally sack Dylan, claiming that he’d been distracted by problems with Sky and had messed up once too often. Dylan was confused about the incident, as he noticed that there were less screws on the floor than he’d used, and began to suspect that Robert had set him up. However, after hiring newly-qualified private eye Connor to follow Robert, his suspicions came to nothing. He was soon busy trying to keep his relationship with Sky afloat, as she spent more and more time with her art lecturer, JP Valasco. Dylan managed to support Sky as she doubted her own creative ability, but was left stunned when she admitted that she’d spent the night with JP. After confronting JP, who claimed that he’d only slept with Sky because he thought she was single again, Dylan ended things with Sky. He then proceeded to paint over a mural on his car – which Sky had drawn when they believed that Dylan had perished in the plane crash – and disappeared to Colac for a few days.

Upon his return, Dylan wanted nothing more to do with Sky and made a fresh start with a job as the new chef at the Scarlet Bar. Although Dylan claimed to be fine, Elle soon realised that his anger was masking the pain he was in, and she tried to be a friend to both him and Sky. Dylan, however, was already in self-destruct mode and, when Elle tried to talk to him, he tried to kiss her, leaving them both confused about their friendship. However, a couple of major events were about to push Dylan and Elle together. When Dylan found out that his father had been running a pirate DVD business, he demanded to be let in on the action. However, it all ended badly when Kim was sprung by the police and ended up having to run out on his re-wedding to Janelle, who agreed to take the rap for the pirating, in order to avoid Dylan going back to prison. Meanwhile, the truth about Robert and Cameron finally came out, as the evil Robert planted a bomb in Elle’s car and later held Paul hostage in a disused mineshaft. As the two of them struggled to deal with everything that had happened, they ended up sharing a kiss and agreeing to give things a go as a couple. But the next morning, Dylan was in for a huge shock when Sky told him that she was pregnant with his child. Although Dylan told Elle the news and promised to make a go of things with her, it proved to be extremely difficult, particularly when Janelle found out and proceeded to make Dylan feel guilty for not supporting his child.

As Dylan struggled to keep things going with Elle, he also agreed to stand by Sky as she was required to undergo tests to determine whether the baby would have abnormalities, which also had a small chance of causing a miscarriage. Dylan felt terrible, realising that his exposure to the toxic waste dumped in the wetlands the year before could have been the cause of the baby’s disability, but both he and Sky were relieved when all tests came back clear. The whole process brought Dylan and Sky closer than ever, but, as Dylan was beginning to feel torn between his current girlfriend and his pregnant ex, Elle made the decision for him when she announced that she was seriously ill. A stunned Dylan promised to stand by her, and was then forced to break the news to Sky that they couldn’t be together. In the hope that it would help Elle, Dylan then joined her at a spa retreat, before leaving her to return to Erinsborough alone whilst he spent a couple of weeks at cooking camp.

When Dylan returned to Erinsborough, he immediately headed to see Sky, with a stuffed toy of Totoro, a character from one of the films of Miyazaki, whose birthday Sky always celebrated. Sky was touched by the gesture, but was then forced to tell Dylan that Cameron was in hospital, seriously ill, after being run over by Max. Dylan raced to the hospital, where he learnt that Cameron had died during an emergency operation. He then headed to the bar, where he broke the news to Sky and Harold, and Sky told him that he had to go and be with Elle, as she would need him. Back at the hospital, Dylan found Elle, but was stunned when she told him that her illness was all fake, and she’d lied to him so that he wouldn’t leave her. She then told him to go and be with Sky, before leaving soon after to return to Tasmania for the funeral. Dylan took her advice and went to see Sky, explaining that Elle had lied. He told Sky that he wanted to be with her and wasn’t prepared to take no for an answer, before the couple reunited with a passionate kiss. Over the weeks that followed, a delighted Dylan, encouraged by Harold, proposed to Sky and they started to plan their wedding. But her eating habits soon caused concern and, during a wedding dress fitting, Sky collapsed and was taken to hospital, where she admitted to Dylan that he wasn’t the father of the baby. He walked out, but later returned to the hospital where he told Sky that he was prepared to forgive her, if she gave the baby up for adoption. Dylan’s grandmother, Loris, then convinced him that Sky had just made one mistake and didn’t deserve to be treated with such contempt and Dylan returned to apologise, telling Sky that he could live with the situation, if there were never any more lies between them. Sky couldn’t make that promise and finally told Dylan that his own brother, Stingray, had fathered her child.

Realising that Stingray had no idea of the drama unfolding, Dylan went and found his brother and took him off to the city, claiming that it was his bucks’ night. Once there, Dylan broke the news to Stingray that he was the father of Sky’s baby and, as far as he was concerned, he no longer had a brother. The family turned their backs on Stingray too, and Janelle asked him to move out, though Loris gave him a room at Lassiter’s to use. Dylan then made plans to leave Erinsborough and, after quitting the Scarlet Bar, take up a chef’s job in Margaret River. Loris, however, was desperate to be close to her grandchildren and convinced him to stay by offering him 9% of the 49% share in Lassiter’s that she had recently acquired. With Elle left in control of Paul’s share, as he was away in New York, Dylan soon found himself sparring with his ex-girlfriend, but, working closely together, Dylan began to realise how awful Elle felt for the lies she had told. Remembering what a strong team they had once been, Dylan and Elle were quickly picking up where they had left off and falling back into bed together. When a worried Sky then turned up at the hotel, looking for Stingray, she was directed to the wrong room and ended up catching a half-dressed Dylan and Elle together. The shock sent her into premature labour, during which her mentally unstable roommate Teresa Cammeniti set fire to the hospital and the baby, a little girl named Kerry, was snatched.

As Dylan passed the hospital and saw the chaos, he then spotted his brother, unconscious in the bushes, with the baby in his arms. Realising who she was, he decided, with one look, that she was his daughter and took her. After a couple of days holed up in a hotel room with Kerry, Dylan was finally found by Elle, who reminded him that his actions could see him back in prison. In the car park, as Dylan put Kerry in the car, Elle quickly jumped into the driver’s seat and took off, before placing the baby on the doorstep of number 24, where she was quickly found by Janelle. At the hospital, Dylan called in to check that Sky and Kerry were both ok and broke the news that he’d taken Kerry and realised, as soon as he saw her, that he was her father. Sky was unsure how to react, but after talking things through with Stingray, she announced that she would have a DNA test done to finally solve the mystery of which brother fathered her baby. The test showed that Dylan was Kerry's dad but, as he came to terms with being a father, his relationship with Elle suffered badly. He admitted that she was little more to him than a fling and they broke up again. Meanwhile, both Dylan and Sky were surprised when they shared a kiss but were also relieved as they realised that there was no longer any chemistry between them, and they could just concentrate on being a good mum and dad to Kerry.

As Sky went away on a training course for her new job, Dylan tried to spend all the time he could with his daughter, despite the interference of over-protective Harold, he also found himself drawn back to Elle. The wily Robinson was doing her best to flirt with Dylan at every opportunity, and show him what he was missing. He was won over, but Elle made it clear that she wouldn't just take him back, and he had to prove his love to her by turning up nude to a Lassiter's board meeting. But Paul was already sick of the Timmins family and their involvement in Lassiter's, and wasn't about to let his daughter date a member of the family. He threw Elle out of his house and she was forced to move in with Dylan's family at number 26, but Paul wasn't going to let it end there. Having conned Ned Parker into joining a dodgy poker game, which left him with a $25,000 debt, Paul offered to pay it off if Ned helped him out with a few things - namely robbing the uninsured Timmins family, and splitting up Elle and Dylan. The latter task took place at a country holiday, organised for Valentine's Day and attended by several Ramsay Street couples, plus Ned. Ned was forced to target Dylan, as well as Carmella Cammeniti and get them both drunk then, when they'd passed out, put them in the same bed. The plan worked and Elle, along with Carmella's boyfriend Oliver Barnes, caught them together. Elle went running back to her father, despite Dylan's pleas of innocence and it seemed that they'd split up for good.

Dylan soon had other things to worry about when he found out that Sky and Stingray had started dating. Though he found things difficult at first, he came to accept it and the three were forced to pull together when a poorly Kerry was diagnosed with leukaemia. Most of Ramsay Street stepped forward as potential donors, but Dylan and Stingray were found to be the only matches. Already preparing himself for the donation process, Dylan was stunned to hear that his cells had abnormalities, most likely caused by his exposure to toxic chemicals and also a possible reason for Kerry's illness. Dylan took his anger out on Paul, punching him in the middle of the Lassiter's complex, but his anger turned to relief as, after the operation, both Stingray and Kerry seemed to be on the road to recovery. But tragedy struck on the day that Kerry was given the all clear, when, during a street party for Janelle's birthday, Stingray died suddenly from an aneurysm. Fuelled by rage, Dylan tricked Paul into thinking that he wanted help planning the funeral, before kidnapping him and driving him to the cliff where he'd lost his leg two years earlier. But, after pushing Paul off the cliff, Dylan broke down, realising that his actions had let his brother down. He was given a second chance when he realised that Paul was still clinging on for dear life, and helped him up, informing him that he'd realised that he didn't need to hurt Paul - he was doing a good enough job of destroying his life. Back in Erinsborough, Dylan struggled to cope with his emotions and retreated within himself, worrying his family. After Dylan trashed the Scarlet Bar, Janelle's boyfriend, Allan Steiger, agreed to help but told Dylan that he had to get through the funeral first. With that out of the way, Allan put forward the idea that Dylan leave to go up north with Kim - who himself was risking arrest by returning for the funeral - in order to get his head together. Realising that he was in danger of killing someone and ruining the rest of his life if he stayed, Dylan went along with the idea and said his goodbyes to his family, leaving a photo with baby Kerry to make sure that she wouldn't forget him while he was gone.

Trivia Notes
• In 1996, Damien Bodie appeared in the guest role of young cancer sufferer Charlie Moyes
• In 1999, he returned as Liam Rigby
• Dylan wanted to be a native American indian during childhood
• Dylan was considered to be an unattractive baby even by his mother


Magic Moments
Episode 4649: Dylan's Arrival
Episode 4848: Dylan's Memorial
Episode 4853: Dylan and Stingray's Trial
Episode 5180: Dylan's Departure

Biography by Steve