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Eden 'Ed' Shaw 2023, 2024
Occupation: Conman, Employee at Yorokobi Vineyard

After meeting Holly Hoyland in Earls Court one day, opportunist Eden Shaw quickly struck up a close relationship with her, and the pair flew out to Melbourne, where Holly’s mum, Izzy and half-brother, Mal - who’d recently begun a relationship - were visiting Erinsborough. Worried about how the news of Izzy and Mal’s relationship would be accepted, Holly was alarmed to see that her mum already appeared to be cheating on Mal with wealthy Shane Ramsay and decided to avoid her. Eden encouraged her to keep away from any friends and family in Erinsborough, and to press ahead with their plans to go travelling. As they tried to work out how to get some money, they had a chance meeting with a young woman calling herself Kelly - actually Krista Sinclair, daughter of rich businessman Conrad Sinclair. Krista, Holly and Eden quickly hit it off, and Eden was interested to know that Kelly was from a wealthy family, hoping to find out more, and suggesting that the three of them could travel together.

Krista then managed to get some money from her former London housekeeper, Erinsborough resident Melanie Pearson. Melanie had spent years in fear that the police would find her, after she tried to help Krista escape from drug dealers, only to be left holding the drugs and arrested herself. Krista had helped Melanie to get out of the UK and back to Australia, and turned to her for financial help. Desperate to avoid her secret coming out, Melanie gave Krista $2000 to leave, and Holly also managed to get some money from Mal, after accidentally running into him and explaining why she didn’t want to see her mum. The three of them then set off on their travels, buying a car from Eden’s Uncle Johnny in Robinvale on their way. Eden soon came to view Krista as more of a meal ticket than Holly, and whilst Holly was out working and earning money, Eden and Krista were hooking up in secret, letting Holly believe that they were working too. With Eden now aware of Melanie’s secret and encouraging Krista’s drug problem, they all headed back to Erinsborough, where Holly finally found out about their affair with each other. Not wanting anything more to do with them, she went to stay with her dad, Karl and stepmum, Susan, telling them very little about what had happened, only that Eden had broken her heart.

Krista then went back to Melanie for more money - Melanie refused to give her anything else, trying to convince her to talk to her family and get help. Eden, meanwhile, started watching Mel, trying to intimidate her, even sabotaging the steps on her drinks truck to show her that somebody would get seriously hurt if she didn’t pay up. Melanie ended up confiding in David Tanaka - the co-owner of the drinks truck - and before long, Paul Robinson, Aaron Brennan and Nicolette Stone were in on the secret too. Desperate to persuade Krista to leave, Melanie met with her by the rooftop pool at Lassiters Hotel, but as Krista tried to blackmail Melanie, Mel finally snapped and pushed Krista back into the pool. Krista hit her head on the way down and Mel dragged her out, believing she was dead, before going to Paul to call for help. Paul decided to deal with the matter himself and when he went to the rooftop, he found Krista’s body was gone, but Eden was waiting for him. He told Paul that he would keep quiet if he was paid half a million dollars. Desperate to avoid his empire being destroyed and to keep David, hid son who was already on probation, out of prison, Paul went along with it, destroying most of his personal relationships in the process.

A years later, after attempting to go on her first date in a long time, following the death of her husband Hendrix, Mackenzie Hargreaves was upset to be stood up, only to find herself bumping into a man several times during the evening - Eden. Calling himself Ed, and with Mackenzie growing increasingly drunk, he offered to help her out of the bar and over to Harolds Cafe. There, he explained that he’d just arrived in town and was looking for work in hospitality or retail, with Mackenzie taking his number to let him know if she heard of anything. As the pair chatted, across at the hotel, Holly, now one of Mackenzie’s closest friends, was busy on her phone, deleting photos of Eden.

Unaware that Ed was actually Holly’s twisted ex, Mackenzie spent the next morning telling her, along with other friends Sadie and Haz, about the great new guy she’d met. When Leo Tanaka then casually mentioned to Mackenzie about his staffing problems at the vineyard, Sadie pushed her into texting Ed about the job possibility. He was delighted, and Mackenzie offered to drive him out to the vineyard, where he scored the job and began his first shift. Back on Ramsay Street, Holly and Sadie were pleased with this development, but insisted that they all had to go to the vineyard for dinner together, to make sure that Ed was a decent guy. As the group arrived, Eden met Sadie and an unimpressed and jealous Haz, but Holly quickly had to go outside to make some phone calls, trying to rearrange a shift at work, so missed him. Spotting Holly from across the restaurant later, Eden waited for her to leave to take another call, then quickly told Mackenzie that he wouldn’t be able to stay and join her, as Leo had asked him to make some deliveries.

The following week, with a whiskey launch taking place at the vineyard, Eden asked Mackenzie which of her friends were planning to attend with her, relieved when she said that Holly had to work and couldn’t come. However, having managed to get out of work, Holly turned up and Eden did his best to avoid her, but she spotted him at the back of the property and gave chase as he disappeared into the vines. Having failed to find him, Holly returned to her friends, as they all discovered that Ed was actually Eden. The group went out to search for Eden, but failed to find him, returning to the restaurant to find that their wallets, and Mackenzie’s bag containing her wedding rings, had been stolen, along with the contents of the till.

As Eden vanished, the police were unable to find him, but a few days later, Sadie remembered that her mum had given her tracking devices for her valuable items, after her own watch was thought to have been stolen. Sadie used the app to find out where her wallet was, and, determined to get Mackenzie’s rings back, Haz decided to go to the address, with Holly joining him, as the only one who really knew what Eden was like. Once at the house, Haz went to look around, but, while waiting in the car, Holly spotted Eden and went to confront him, finding him about to dump their empty wallets and bag. Holly tried to get Eden to admit that he had only started dating Mackenzie in order to get to her, refusing to believe that it was all a coincidence, and when she told him that they’d called the police, he turned nasty. Eden grabbed Holly and locked her in a shed, just as Haz spotted him and a fight broke out. After managing to overpower Haz, Eden made his getaway, and Haz rescued Holly from the shed, before reuniting an emotional Mackenzie with her wedding rings, which she’d kept hidden in a hole in the bag’s lining.

A couple of weeks later, Eden was back in Erinsborough, trying to get more money out of Paul to keep quiet, and he bumped into Melanie’s friend Sharon Davies, who had just been given Melanie’s new address. Soon, Eden was burgling Mel’s new house, just as her former stepdaughter, Nell Rebecchi, turned up, looking for her. With family and friends out looking for Nell, Holly and Haz were surprised to find her sitting on a bench, and she explained that she'd caught a man named Eden at Melanie's house, and Mel had gone looking for a phonebox. When Melanie returned, she recognised Holly, who immediately wanted to know how Mel knew Eden. It was then that Mel returned to Erinsborough and explained the whole story of what had happened over the past two years.

With Eden still in hiding, and Krista's sister, Reece, desperate to find out what had happened to her, Holly remembered that he had sometimes used executor's auctions to find abandoned houses where they could crash. With a group of Erinsborough residents out searching through a list of empty houses in the area, Holly spotted Eden's van outside one of them. As Haz called the police, Holly went running over and found Eden inside - he then attempted to escape in his van, but Haz blocked the driveway with his car, and he and Holly then managed to stop Eden from getting out of the van before the police arrived. As Eden was taken away by the police and into remand, where he was denied bail, Holly noticed one of Krista's cardigans in the back of his van, and ran into the house, realising that she could still be alive. As she, Haz and the police searched the house, they found Krista in the basement, tired and confused, but very much alive. At the hospital, she explained that she had no memory of what happened with Melanie, and that Eden had taken her far away from Erinsborough and they'd had a great time with the money that Eden claimed he'd won at casinos - actually the half a million dollars he'd extorted from Paul. When that ran out, and Krista continued to refuse to contact her family, Eden had seen less use for her, other than making sure that Paul and Melanie still believed that she was dead, so he could continue to blackmail them.

A few months later, Eden was let out on parole, and the police contacted Paul to let him know, before trying, and failing, to inform Krista, who'd gone away to the country for a few days with boyfriend Leo, as well as David, Aaron and Nicolette. Feeling that Krista was trouble, and wanting to get her out of Lassiters Hotel, Paul had been trying to split her and Leo up, and his latest plan saw him inform Eden of Krista's holiday plans, also telling him that she was pregnant with his baby. Eden then followed and confronted Krista while she and Leo were out on a bush walk, and she was shocked to realise that he knew about the pregnancy. As Eden insisted that he wanted to be a part of his baby's life and tried to drag Krista away with him, a fight broke out between him and Leo. Hearing the shouting, David and Aaron rushed to help and, seeing Eden about to hit Leo with a rock, David launched himself at him, and he and Eden then fell down an embankment.

Leo sent Krista to get the car, and he and Aaron rushed down to find Eden badly injured, with David claiming that he was fine, and insisting that they take Eden to hospital first. Though reluctant, Aaron was aware of the guilt that David had been carrying, after allowing Gareth Bateman to die a few years earlier, and agreed to the plan. As Krista drove Eden to hospital, Aaron and Leo raced back to find that David had died. As David's devastated family came to terms with what had happened - and Paul struggled with the guilt of knowing that he had inadvertantly kicked off the chain of events - Krista visited Eden as he recovered in hospital and broke the news to him. After Krista told him that he would be going to prison, a further visit from Paul left Eden even more panicked. Paul told Eden that, whether he ended up in prison or not, he was done. With Paul's words ringing in his ears, Eden managed to evade the guard outside his hospital room and get to Ramsay Street, where he found Melanie. His health growing increasingly worse, Eden wanted help to escape, asking Melanie who had helped her when she'd escaped the drugs charges in the UK. Melanie told him that the whole thing had been arranged by Krista, and so Eden then tried to get money out of Melanie, but she couldn't help with that either. When Holly then walked in and saw what was happening, she quickly left, contacting the police and soon, a siege had developed. When Melanie then offered to help Eden with his pain, he saw through her attempts to knock him out with drugs, and tied her to a chair.

With the police, along with Melanie's friends and neighbours, outside, and little progress being made, her ex-husband Toadie, along with David's widower Aaron, decided to take matters into their own hands, using the back gardens on the street to get to no. 28, then get into the house through the unlocked back window. Though Leo managed to talk Aaron out of being involved, Toadie decided that he had to help Melanie and managed to get in undetected and spray Eden in the face with oven cleaner. As Toadie comforted a terrified Melanie, Eden was then taken away by the police.

Trivia Notes
• Eden's appearance in episode 8988 was a newly-filmed flashback to Sadie Rodwell seeing him at Lassiters when he went to meet with Paul, the night before David died

Episodes Featured
8920, 8921, 8922, 8925, 8928, 8934, 8937, 8938, 8939, 8841, 8982, 8983, 8984, 8985, 8988

Biography by Steve